The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Snowstorms and How They Impact Your Denver Landscape

americanarbor January 6, 2017
There are obvious benefits to snowstorms in Denver – including the most apparent, snow days! But often the snow is not heavy enough to warrant a snow day, but not light enough to not have to deal with it properly. This is the case with our most recent snow that is currently resting on our […]

Early Spring Maintenance for Your Denver Landscape

americanarbor December 21, 2016
As a general rule, planning ahead for your landscaping needs is always a smart way to approach each season. Spring ushers in new growth, flowers, and lush green landscapes, but only if it is properly tended to in the months leading up to it. Take the time this winter to assess your full landscape, including […]

De-Icing Damage and Prevention for Our Denver Landscape

americanarbor December 9, 2016
With the recent snow that has blanketed the Denver landscape, homeowners tend to take all precautions to minimize efforts of removing it – one of which is using de-icing salts on the walking paths. While this is a highly effective and necessary component of maintaining your sidewalks and walkways around your home for safety – […]

Understanding Tree Health: When is the Right Time for Leaves to Drop?

americanarbor December 2, 2016
We all understand the seasonal changes that happen with foliage, and living in a region with particularly beautiful seasonal shifts, we get used to the timing if it as well. This fall and early winter, Colorado experienced unseasonably warm weather – and some of the effects may not be apparent to you at first. This year, […]

The Right Way to Treat Iron Chlorosis with Professional Denver Tree Care

americanarbor October 27, 2016
Iron Chlorosis – it sounds like a serious problem for your trees, but it is actually a fairly common problem in Colorado. It just means that your trees have an iron deficiency, and how that relates to their health is their ability to make chlorophyll.Let’s review a quick science lesson to run through how plants gain […]

Toxic to Animals: Safe Planting Tips for Your Denver Landscape

americanarbor October 19, 2016
Many plants that are entirely harmless to humans can be lethal to your animals. Every year hundreds of pets ingest toxic plants and suffer serious illnesses – or worse. When pet owners plan their landscaping, they often have no idea that they may be putting their pet in harm’s way. There are a few specific […]

Maintaining Tree Health in Denver with Dry Weather Patterns

americanarbor October 14, 2016
In Denver, weather patterns this time of year can be a bit unpredictable to say the least. How can you keep your trees and shrubs healthy during the fall and early winter? Normal watering has for the most part halted due to lower temperatures, but that can leave your trees and shrubs dry and under […]

Your Tree’s Defense – Recommended Care from Denver Tree Care Specialists

americanarbor October 5, 2016
As a part of your regular maintenance routine, deep root fertilization this fall should be reaching the top of your list. Now is the time to begin these fertilizations – always performed by your local Denver tree service. We wrote previously about early fall deep root fertilization in Denver and described what it is, when it should […]

Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Fall Needle Drop in Denver According to Tree Pros

americanarbor September 29, 2016
Fall, what a wonderful time in Denver. The weather offers several variations during the day, presenting mild morning temperatures and cooler nights. It’s a time to turn off the A/C and enjoy all the outdoor beauty Colorado has to offer. If you’re looking around your backyard, enjoying a hike in the mountains, or wandering through […]

Tips from Your Denver Tree Service to Prevent Fall Pests

americanarbor September 28, 2016
Along with the leaves changing, the start of fall can come with some unwanted pests in your yard and typically consist of webworms and Japanese beetles. Take advice from your local Denver tree and landscape service and make sure you know how to identify and properly deal with these insects before they create too much damage. […]

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