Top Ways to Prepare your Trees, Shrubs, and Denver Landscaping for Winter

americanarbor December 13, 2017
Plants, trees, gardens, and shrubs prepare for the winter just like people do. Homeowners need to take actions and precautions now, in the fall, that will help their Denver landscaping investment last throughout the winter. With a little extra time and effort, both on your own and in conjunction with your local arborist, you will […]

American Arbor Care Gives Back with Gold Crown’s Clubhouse

americanarbor December 19, 2017
Gold Crown’s Clubhouse is a free-of-charge, award-winning program model developed by the Boston Museum of Science and MIT Media Laboratory. We are part of the Clubhouse Network which has expanded to 100 Clubhouses in 19 countries.  Since opening our doors in Lakewood 14 years ago, over 6000 youth have passed through them. Our Clubhouse provides a […]

Rid Your Denver Landscaping of Potential Vole and Squirrel Damage

americanarbor December 20, 2017
Landscaping needs are typically highlighted in the fall and spring of the year but winter is fast approaching and also requires a significant and specialized focus to ensure quality growth and sustainability of certain lawn care essentials. The sheer vulnerability of grasses, plants, and trees during winter creates an immediate cause for concern but other […]

Happy Holidays from American Arbor Care!

americanarbor December 21, 2017
Happy Holidays from the team at American Arbor Care!  We hope everyone enjoys the season, stays warm, and has a happy holiday with loved ones. Our offices will be closed from Thursday Dec 21 through Jan 2 at 8:00AM to resume normal business hours.

Caring for Your Evergreen Trees and Landscaping in Denver this Winter

americanarbor January 3, 2018
While the leaves may have fallen off the other trees in your yard, your evergreens will be flourishing. Such a wintertime staple, the evergreen is the perfect tree for the season. They can last all year long, especially during droughts and harsh conditions. By properly caring for them during the winter, your evergreens will keep […]

Denver Tree Service Offering Winter Pruning Discount

americanarbor February 28, 2018
There is no better time than the present to have your trees and shrubs pruning needs addressed for the upcoming growing season. When trees are dormant, during the winter months, the pruning is easier and less impactful on the overall health of trees or shrubs. The Denver area landscape does have certain tree species that require […]

Early Spring Grass Cutting and Rose Pruning in Denver Landscaping

americanarbor March 28, 2018
As the warmth of spring begins to spread across the region new growth begins. Plants, shrubs, and trees that have been dormant all winter are awakening with renewed life for another growing season. Plants and grasses around your home or office can help to brighten the landscape but proper care is needed, especially at such a […]

Japanese Beetles Your Tree Service Company in Denver Can Eliminate

americanarbor April 25, 2018
After spending much time, energy, and valued dollars on your lawn and landscaping, it can be incredibly frustrating when it is ruined by unwanted pests. In Denver, there are a variety of pests that can harm your lawn that you will need to get rid of to maintain its look. By taking a few steps […]

Pinnacle Assurance Circle of Safety Award

americanarbor January 22, 2020
American Arbor Care named a Circle of Safety Winner for 2019!!! American Arbor Care is honored and proud to be one of just 50 of Pinnacol’s customers to receive the 2019 Circle of Safety Award. Our employees are like family, so keeping them safe on the job will always be our top priority.American Arbor places workplace […]

Landscaping & Pest Prevention Resources

americanarbor March 4, 2021
CSU Extension – ISA – TCIA – The National Arbor Day Foundation – www.arborday.orgThis website is a fountain of useful information, descriptions and photos. Tree Benefit Calculator – For updates on the Emerald Ash Borer and it’s movements, please visit

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