Fall and Winter Pruning and Tree Trimming in Denver Preparation
americanarbor October 19, 2017

While pruning is important and beneficial, it is important to know when and how much to prune throughout the year. As you mulch and make your final landscaping arrangements for the year, this information can make or break your landscaping for the next season. Learn the benefits of pruning, tips and tricks for tree trimming in Denver, plus additional fall care tips to make sure are on your agenda before winter.

Why and When to Prune

Pruning is essential to the vitality of trees or shrubs. Through this process of cutting off damaged or dying stems or branches, you eliminate the risk of disease and other issues from infiltrating the entire tree. By keeping these parts of the plants removed, the overall health of the plant will be well and you can maintain your investment. Some perennials and other plants struggle with winter and can be prepared by fall pruning. Based upon where trees & shrubs do the majority of their storage, fall and winter prunings will stimulate spring growth.

Pruning and Trimming Tips

Your goal will be to cut off any dead or dying branches, as well as anything that is overgrown. As you prune branches, you want to keep any areas that have leaves off them, and should make cuts at a very slight slant with some space from your cut and the leaf. It is also want to make sure that you are not pruning into the branch collar, the area where the base of a branch joins/connects to another branch or the trunk. When pruning, in addition to cutting dead branches, you can also remove branches from the bottom of the tree or shrub to accommodate your landscaping. You can also thin out your trees and shrubs to help with airflow. For larger jobs with your trees, it is always best to contact an expert to ensure safety and accuracy. Get a full array of information on for training and pruning fruit trees, learn from the Colorado State University.

Additional Fall Care Tips

While you need to keep your pruning to a minimum during the fall, there are other landscaping tasks you need to make sure you handle this fall. First, help your grass and trees have enough nutrients by seeding and fertilizing. With extra seeds and fertilizer, your roots will get what they need to thrive during the winter and be healthy in the spring. Make sure you plan on starting your deep fall fertilization for landscaping in Denver now.

From tree trimming to pruning, American Arbor Care can help your plants and trees last throughout the winter. Our 20 years in the industry will provide you with the expertise to keep your landscaping thriving in the winter and into the spring. We currently offer 10% off winter pruning through March 1. Call us at 303-639-8584 today to get started.

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