Ways to Incorporate Entertaining Spaces in Your Backyard Landscaping in Denver
americanarbor November 8, 2017

Are you looking for ways to spruce up your outdoor areas? There are many different ways you can enhance your backyard landscaping in Denver. In addition, there are many types of ways to incorporate entertaining spaces to make your space even more livable. By making even small investments in your home and surroundings, you can create long term gains in the overall value of your property.

Learn about the different types of outdoor furniture to incorporate in your space, backyard activity ideas, and best landscaping upgrades to make:

Types of Outdoor Furniture

When considering adding outdoor furniture, a great place to start is to ask yourself what look and feel is important to you. It is also critical to consider what type of functionality you will need with new outdoor furniture. For many, a dining area with an umbrella to shade yourself from the sun is a great investment. You can find tables that seat anywhere from four to eight chairs. For the winter months, consider investing in some cozy chairs, blankets, and a firepit for all-weather gatherings. 

Host large gatherings often? Consider adding a few tables for a sit-down meal. You can even add in a picnic table which is of course, great for children. If you will spend more time resting and relaxing in your backyard, add couches, chaises, and lounge chairs. High-tech shades or Pergolas are also an option, that you can roll backwards or forwards to block the sun or provide cover. To get ideas for styles, review Better Homes and Garden’s patio furniture buying guide.

Backyard Activities

With Denver’s spectacular weather throughout the year, you will be able to take advantage of many sunny days to enjoy backyard activities. In addition, with a fire pit, you can enjoy the cool evenings all year long. Depending on the neighborhood you live in (homeowner’s associations), you can install an in-ground pool. If a pool is too much maintenance, don’t worry, there are other great activities to choose from and incorporate. Purchase a corn hole set that you can bring out to have fun with family and friends. Try your hand at bocce ball, which is a game that can be enjoyed by many, and is quite the leisurely pastime. For other lounging ideas, consider adding a hammock that you can relax in while others play games.

Landscaping Upgrades

If you will use your backyard for activity and lounging purposes, you can still incorporate landscaping to liven up the space. Add garden beds along the side of your home with flowers and shrubs that add a pop of color. If you have a large backyard on a sloped surface, you can add a tiered arrangement that will help to separate plants.  Water features such as waterfalls, ponds, and even pondless water features can add a tranquil element to your landscapes overall atmosphere.  Through this, you can add a retention wall which will aid in the drainage of water. You can also use shrubs and flower gardens as a way to direct people to various areas in your backyard, or even provide sitting areas. If you are new to the idea of updating your backyard, be sure you begin your landscaping with these ideas from your tree service company.

To help you create the perfect backyard oasis, contact American Arbor Care. Whether you have your own ideas or need assistance coming up with a creative concept, we are here to find the perfect trees, plants, flowers, and shrubs that will work in your space. Contact American Arbor Care in Denver, CO today at 303-639-8584 today to get started.

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