Starting Your Deep Fall Fertilization for Landscaping in Denver
americanarbor September 20, 2017

With fall setting in, now is the time to begin preparing your landscape for fall to help keep your plants, trees, flowers, and lawn healthy over the winter months. By taking the time to prepare your landscaping now, you can rest assured this winter knowing you did everything you could to protect the investment that you put into the outside of your home. Learn more about your next steps for fall fertilization, changes you will need to make to your watering schedule and mowing, and mulching tips to help you prepare your landscaping in Denver.

Fall Fertilization

Fall is a crucial time to fertilize your lawn and landscape plants to help them stay healthy and come back in the spring, after the long, cold winter. Make plans to fertilize at the end of September or early October to help your landscaping recover from any issues it had over the warmer summer months. You can also look into nitrogen treatments that can be injected into your soil for trees and shrubs. When fertilizing and nitrogen treating your soil, make sure you have mowed the lawn, and cleaned up the area by removing any loose leaves, sticks, and more. Learn more about fertilizing cool season grasses and grass from Colorado State University. Fall nitrogen applications to lawn areas assists the grass with nutrient storage over the winter.

Changes to Watering and Mowing

As fall sets in, make arrangements to have your sprinkler system winterized if you have a system. This will help to eliminate all water in the system so your pipes to do crack. This will be one of the last things you do this fall though, as your lawn will still need watered before winter. You can begin to scale back on the amount you water, and make sure you water in the morning before 10 a.m. The later in the day you water, it will not soak into the soil as well and if sitting near the surface and stick to grass blades which can cause damage down the road. As you plan to wrap up your mowing, you will need to mow your grass until temperatures are consistently under 40 to 50 degrees. In your last couple mows for the year, make your mower trim the grass to be shorter.  


When doing fall leaf cleanup, throw away leaves from trees that are diseased and repurpose leaves from trees that are healthy. In addition to fertilizing your lawn before winter, you will also need to mulch. This will also help to keep your landscaping healthy throughout the winter. Before you mulch, make sure to remove the old mulch and any debris in the area. Also, be sure to pull any weeds. When choosing a mulch, make sure you choose an organic mulch that will help provide nutrients to your soil. You can also learn tips from your Denver tree service to prevent fall pests as you finalizing your landscaping for the year.

To help with all of your fall landscaping needs, American Arbor Care will help. Our certified, professional arborists will help you with fertilize your lawn and landscaping to help you have healthy plants and trees next spring. Contact us today at 303-639-8584 to get started with your fall landscaping plans.

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