Brown Leaves or Needles? You Might Have Winter Desiccation Damage to Your Denver Trees

americanarbor July 22, 2022
Homeowners around the Colorado area may see their trees (particularly those with needles or evergreen trees) begin to brown, become partially brown and partially green, or become completely browned. While it is completely normal for these types of trees to lose needles regularly, when it happens to large portions of the tree, it is a […]

Denver Tree Care Encyclopedia: Magnolia Trees

americanarbor August 4, 2022
What Does a Magnolia Tree Look Like? There are many different species of magnolia trees, but in Denver, saucer magnolias grow best. They produce large, aromatic flowers that are can be white or pink. The leaves are long, smooth and shiny, and they grow up to six inches in length. The flowers emerge in early […]

The Best Shade Trees to Keep Your Home Cool in Summer

americanarbor August 4, 2022
Bur Oak The bur oak is large and majestic, with vibrant green leaves and dark grey bark. These trees can grow 60 to 70 feet tall with a canopy that reaches nearly 70 feet in width. They’re extremely tolerant of different soils and climates, and they grow at a moderate rate. To encourage your bur […]

Aphid, Mite and Other Treatments from Your Tree Service in Denver

americanarbor August 7, 2022
Now that spring is in full swing, caring for your landscaping is a top priority. With the warmer weather and nicer days (minus the exception of those last few snow storms trying to hang on from the winter), it is a great time to work on making sure your plants, shrubs and more are at […]

Dry Patches in Your Mid-Summer Denver Landscaping

americanarbor August 10, 2022
How is your lawn? The peak of summer heat is here and we are seeing lots of dry patches in yards. The summer season brings about glorious days of warm weather and outdoor activities that keep us outside. But scattered rain and hot weather also show us exactly where our sprinkler heads are hitting and […]

Denver Tree Pros Recommend Adjusting Your Sprinkler Settings for Summer

americanarbor August 15, 2022
The height of summer is approaching, and with it comes skyrocketing temperatures. 2016 is already on track to be the hottest year on record, as Denver’s multiple days of 90-to-100 degree temperatures can attest to. Once the city consistently clocks in above 85 degrees, it’s important to adjust your sprinkler clock settings to maximize zone […]

4 Threats to Your Lawn’s Health This Summer in Denver

americanarbor August 15, 2022
This is the season when your yard is at its greenest and most flourishing. Taking careful steps now for the treatment and protection against weeds and pests for your landscaping in Denver will ensure that your lawn looks lush throughout the rest of summer. The scorching heat of July makes some treatments, such as fertilization, […]

How to Keep Trees Healthy During a Drought in Denver

americanarbor August 16, 2022
Droughts happen often in the Denver area, and current climate trends show evidence that we’ll face more severe drought-like conditions in the future. In fact, according to experts, Colorado has experienced the dryest 22 years in over 1,200 years. Without proper care, trees can quickly begin to suffer in a drought, causing stress, weakness, and […]

Ascochyta Leaf Blight: What is it and How Can You Get Rid of it?

BUHV Marketing September 14, 2022
What is Ascochyta leaf blight? Ascochyta leaf blight is very common disease that affects Kentucky bluegrass. It is also problematic for tall fescue and perennial ryegrass, among others, but it seems to affect Kentucky bluegrass most often. It can develop overnight, leaving your lawn looking drought-stressed and dead. Although it may seem intimidating, Ascochyta leaf […]

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