Denver Tree Care Encyclopedia: The Hot Wings Tatarian Maple

americanarbor February 7, 2023
Trees come in all shapes and sizes, with unique characteristics that set them apart from the rest. The Hot Wings® Tatarian Maple is no exception. In fact, it’s quite the show-stopper. Read further to learn about what makes this tree so special, and how to spot one in Denver. With a name like that, it’s […]

Emerald Ash Borer Treatment | EAB Treatment

BUHV Marketing July 24, 2023
What is the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) and what does it do? EAB is a wood boring insect that was accidentally transported from Asia; EAB was first discovered in 2002 in southeastern Michigan and Windsor, Ontario. It infests and kills North American ash species (Fraxinus sp.) including green, white, black and blue ash, and their […]

Trunk Wrapping Trees in The Winter: Why it’s Important

americanarbor January 3, 2024
If you’ve ever purchased a tree from a nursery, you were probably advised to wrap its tender trunk before winter hit. Northern states are prone to icy conditions, and young trees require a little bundling to weather the season. Let’s look at how trunk wrapping can help to protect young trees from winter damage and […]

Dutch Elm Disease | What is it and How Can You Control it?

Kerstin Kim January 3, 2024
American elm trees are native to North America, and they can grow to magnificent heights and live for centuries. Unfortunately, they’re susceptible to a devastating disease known as Dutch elm disease, or DED, that can quickly spread and devastate large areas where healthy elms grow. So, what is Dutch elm disease, and how can you […]

Winter Time is the Best Time for Tree Removal: Here’s Why

Kerstin Kim January 9, 2024
Tree removal is a task that takes a lot of planning and prep, so it’s best to schedule it at the right time. Spring may be the best season to plant flowers and vegetables in your garden, but surprisingly, it’s not the best time to remove a tree. There are many advantages to scheduling tree […]

The Importance of Pruning Young Trees and How it Can Prevent Storm Damage

Kerstin Kim January 9, 2024
Pruning young trees may seem counterproductive, but it’s essential to healthy growth. Let’s look at why pruning is so important, how you can do it properly, and how pruning can prevent your young trees from being susceptible to storm damage. Our arborists at American Arbor Care are experts at properly pruning trees and ensuring that […]

Aphids and Spider Mites: How to Identify and Get Rid of Them

americanarbor February 23, 2023
What are aphids and spider mites and what do they do? Aphids and spider mites are very different pests, but they share some similarities. Aside from being very tiny and very destructive, they’re very different in terms of identifying characteristics and the type of damage they cause. Aphids are very tiny bugs that feed off […]

Denver Tree Care Encyclopedia: Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry

americanarbor February 23, 2023
What Does an Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry Look Like? The Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry is a showstopper year-round, and it unveils a new surprise every season. In the spring, beautiful pink buds bloom to reveal delicate white flowers that cover the bare branches of the tree. Butterflies and other pollinators are especially attracted to these blooms.  As […]

Winter Watering Plants in Denver

americanarbor January 12, 2023
Denver winters are known for being very cold, and most plants have adapted to snowy conditions. Although the temperatures typically remain below freezing from late fall to early spring, it’s not uncommon for the area to experience warm, dry periods as well. Although warm and sunny temps may feel fantastic, they can lead to winter […]

Denver Tree Care Encyclopedia: Eastern Redbuds

americanarbor December 22, 2022
What Does an Eastern Redbud Look Like? Each spring, Eastern redbud trees burst with beautiful pinkish-purple flowers, followed by the growth of lovely reddish leaves. As spring turns into summer, the heart-shaped leaves slowly turn green, transforming into a bright yellow by autumn. The Eastern redbud is a small tree that has low branches, and […]

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