Importance of Watering During a Dry Fall and Assistance from Your Denver Tree Service
americanarbor October 11, 2017

While you might start to mentally check out from your landscaping task list as the cooler months settle in, fall is actually a key time to care for your lawn. This will ensure that it survives the winter and your investment stays intact! Having had a dry season, there are things Denver homeowners will need to do as they prepare their landscape for the winter. Learn how dry climates affect landscaping for the winter, tips for a fall watering schedule, and when you need to prepare for your sprinkler winterization from your local Denver tree service company.

How Dry Climate Effects Landscaping in the Winter

Did you know that a dry summer and fall can impact your lawn and landscaping for the winter? If your lawn has been brown or struggling without as much water, it is important to give it the TLC it needs before winter sets in. If you don’t, unfortunately this will not mean great things next spring and you will have to make some investments to help bring it back. This is why helping your lawn and landscaping in the fall after the dry climate is key. First, talk to your local arborist on how much water your lawn will need. This will help you avoid over or under watering. Next, fertilize. This is something you would need to do anyway in the fall, but especially now given the circumstances. For more tips and information on how your landscaping can be affected, read Colorado State University’s fall and winter watering guide.

Fall Watering Schedule

When it comes to your fall watering schedule, you will need to continue to water your lawn, landscaping, trees, shrubs, etc., until temperatures are consistently below 40 degrees. After talking to your local arborist on how much water your lawn needs based on how much it has been impacted by the dry weather, make sure you are watering before 10 a.m unless winter temperatures are above 55 degrees. When watering too late in the day, you run the risk of actually hurting and not helping your landscaping as water does not seep into the ground properly. Also, once you near your last few mows of the season, make sure to lower the blades. For more tips on keeping your Denver lawn healthy, use these four fall and winter watering tips.  

Sprinkler Winterization

Fall is also the top time to talk to your local landscaping company on sprinkler winterization. While you need to continue watering your lawn now, you need to plan for the cooler temperatures. If your sprinkler system is not winterized before winter, you run the risk of your pipes freezing and cracking.

From helping you determine how much your water needs, to other ways to prepare your lawn and landscaping for winter, American Arbor Care can help. Our team of experts will review your area to ensure you are prepared for the season! Be sure to check out our American Arbor Care special offers to help you get the most savings. To get started, call us today at 303-639-8584.

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