Early Spring Maintenance for Your Denver Landscape

americanarbor December 21, 2016
As a general rule, planning ahead for your landscaping needs is always a smart way to approach each season. Spring ushers in new growth, flowers, and lush green landscapes, but only if it is properly tended to in the months leading up to it. Take the time this winter to assess your full landscape, including […]

The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Snowstorms and How They Impact Your Denver Landscape

americanarbor January 6, 2017
There are obvious benefits to snowstorms in Denver – including the most apparent, snow days! But often the snow is not heavy enough to warrant a snow day, but not light enough to not have to deal with it properly. This is the case with our most recent snow that is currently resting on our […]

How To Manage Snow Mold in Denver Lawns

Dev Team January 13, 2017
In Denver, lawn care in the winter seems like an unnecessary task, which in part it is – when there is snow on the ground, there is not much you can do to care for your lawn. However, there are some important things to know about to ensure your lawn does not have hidden damage […]

Treatment for Winter Desiccation Damage from Your Denver Tree Service

americanarbor January 20, 2017
Are you keeping your trees as healthy as they should be? Most of the time, treatment is a routine thing instead of a one-time operation, so make sure you are keeping up with your recommended services or treatments as instructed by your local Denver tree service. One treatment which should not be ignored is anti-transpirant […]

The Importance of Tree and Shrub Pruning in Denver During Early Spring

americanarbor January 27, 2017
The practice of pruning is integral to tree and shrub health, as we all are aware, but it is especially important for newly planted trees. To ensure your trees and shrubs in Denver maintain their optimal health as they develop and form, make sure you are following a regular pruning schedule to shape the growth […]

Inspecting Landscaping Tools for Necessary Maintenance or Repair

americanarbor February 3, 2017
When you’re chopping up vegetables or meat for dinner, it can be very frustrating when the tool you are using is dull. Cutting now becomes a chore, however there is a simple fix. Sharpening that knife, could make cooking dinner faster, safer and less strenuous on your hand. Now if we apply the same principle […]

Denver Landscaping Tips for Winter Time

americanarbor February 8, 2017
Many people hang up their hoses or turn off their sprinklers and irrigation systems once late fall and early winter hits. However, contrary to popular belief and assumption, it is important to water your Denver landscaping during winter. Another concern to keep in mind during dry conditions are turf mites. Learn more about watering your […]

​Importance of Winter Pruning from Your Tree Service Company

americanarbor February 15, 2017
When it comes to maintaining your landscaping, there is still work to be done during the winter months. Just because it is cold outside doesn’t mean you should take a break from lawn care. Winter pruning is a necessity. From the ins and out of winter pruning and steps to take, to spring landscaping ideas, […]

Benefits of Choosing Native Trees and Shrubs for Your Landscaping in Denver

americanarbor February 22, 2017
As you consider creating or adding to your landscaping in Denver, native plants are one of the best options to choose. Not only are they sustainable with minimal effort, but they will work well with the overall environment. All of these factors will save you time and money. Learn what native plants are, what benefits […]

Tips from Denver Tree Service: Fruit and Ornamental Tree Spring Care

americanarbor March 1, 2017
As we move out of the winter months, it is important to care for the fruit and ornamental trees that live on your property. By putting in work now, you will have flourishing trees that will make your lawn one of the best on the street. Learn the importance of pruning your trees, general care […]

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