Revive Treatment: How and When to Control Broadleaf Weeds in Your Denver Lawn

americanarbor July 6, 2016
During the month of July, it is a time to revive your lawn instead of using lawn fertilization. The heat can cause a lot of stress on your turf. This is the time many Denver homeowners make an effort outdoors, usually with a deep desire to make sure that they have pristine lawns to host […]

When is the Perfect Time to Prune and Trim your Evergreen Shrubs in Denver?

americanarbor July 15, 2016
In the month of July, it is the right time to prune or trim evergreen bushes in your yard. Why? By July, they should have already completely most of their seasonal growth – at least 90 percent. The most essential feature of pruning is to know when you should prune your plants. Appropriate timing will help […]

Vigilant Treatment Methods in Denver for Eliminating Insects on Your Trees and Shrubs

americanarbor July 22, 2016
Now that we are in the middle of July and the outdoor temperatures have become significantly higher, changes are of course needed in terms of your landscape management. With a second application of aphid and mite for your shrubs and trees, landscapers have to now consider being vigilant against spider mites and Japanese beetles because […]

Mid-Season Tune-up for Your Denver Landscaping Irrigation System

americanarbor July 27, 2016
You are probably well aware of the benefits of a Spring startup and a Fall blowout of your Denver sprinkler system. But there is an important service that a lot of folks don’t know about. This service is the mid-Summer checkup of your sprinklers to make sure your system is in harmony with the weather […]

The Denver Tree Pros Debunk the Most Common Tree Pruning and Trimming Myths

americanarbor August 5, 2016
With so much information in the world these days, it is hard for homeowners to figure out what is true and what is not – especially in the complicated industry of tree care. Most homeowners love their trees, but know little about how to care for them. Much of what you may have heard about […]

Dry Patches in Your Mid-Summer Denver Landscaping

americanarbor August 10, 2016
How is your lawn? The peak of summer heat is here and we are seeing lots of dry patches in yards. The summer season brings about glorious days of warm weather and outdoor activities that keep us outside. But scattered rain and hot weather also show us exactly where our sprinkler heads are hitting and […]

Top Categories of Shrubs that Will Thrive in Your Denver Landscape

americanarbor August 19, 2016
The best shrubs for Denver landscaping provide privacy screens, block unwanted sounds, provide habitat for wildlife, and add visual interest. The state’s geography, high elevation and weather patterns combine to create gardening conditions that can challenge even the most seasoned gardener. Many regions of Colorado experience hot, sunny summers, cool nights, and short growing seasons. […]

Recent Drought in Denver – Proper Tree and Lawn Care

americanarbor August 26, 2016
According to a recent report by the Denver Post, a federal report announced last Thursday that areas of Colorado are experiencing a moderate drought. Specifically the area spanning I-25 from Denver to Fort Collins are in the midst of a dry spell. The weather as of late has been drier than usual, and this stint of […]

From Your Denver Tree Service Experts: The Best Time to Plant Trees in Colorado

americanarbor September 1, 2016
Early spring is often considered the right time to plant trees in Colorado, but Fall is actually a perfect time to plant in Denver. You should complete all planting by mid-October. This means right now is the time to plant those trees for color and foliage in the Spring season. In our quest, as your […]

American Arbor Care Will Participate in 2nd Annual Saluting Branches

americanarbor September 14, 2016
Volunteering Tree Care for Veterans Cemeteries Saluting Branches is a group of arborists and landscape industry professionals, started by Rainbow Treecare in Minnetonka, Minnesota, who have united to honor and remember United States veterans. American Arbor Care is proud to participate and help do what we do best by providing excellent early fall tree care to help with […]

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