Managing Ascochyta Leaf Blight in Denver
americanarbor March 17, 2021

When your lawn appears as it has begun to turn to straw, all signs point to ascochyta. The most common cause of ascochyta leaf blight in grass, is mismanagement or not fully understanding the proper ways to manage turf. While it can be difficult to manage, it is important to understand when and why it happens. 

When Does Ascochyta Occur?

Ascochyta typically is most prevalent in the spring. As the warmer months begin the set in, it is important to take extra care when tending to your lawn. This spring, keep a close eye on any formations of yellow patches throughout the grass – it can happen very quickly and sometimes possibly even overnight.

Why Does Ascochyta Occur?

The reason this disease might occur, is usually due to the rapid changes in the climate and moisture in the air and soil. As the weather gets warmer, the changes can be drastic and fluctuating so much, it can shock plants and grass. 

To manage potential outbreaks of ascochyta leaf blight, allow your Denver tree care specialists guide your lawn through the seasons to good health. Maintaining proper soil moisture, and consistent balance of moisture is key to maintaining the health of your grass.

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