Freeze Damage to Your Trees and Shrubs
americanarbor March 17, 2021

There are a variety of factors that influence whether your plants can survive a freeze- the particular weather conditions of the freeze, the type of plant, how much of the plant was afflicted, the age of the plant, etc. Luckily, you can usually save your plants before they are killed by the frost. When a tree freezes, tissues are frozen and become dehydrated. When the sun comes up, the tree may defrost too quickly and the living parts may not be prepared for the moisture after the integrity has been damaged.

Frost damage can be removed by cutting any bark that is torn. If the sun has yet to come out, you can lightly spray leaves and stems to condition them for the moisture exposure. If the season has another expected freeze, you can leave the damaged stems and leaves in place to provide protection. It is best in this case to move the plants inside if at all possible, of course with trees this may prove to be an impossible task. You can prune dead leaves and stems once the cold has dissipated. If another freeze is expected, it’s always best to cover your plants with some type of material like a cloth sheet.

Colorado’s weather can oscillate drastically, and it can be difficult to know when and what to do to care for your wide variety of plants and trees. Contact your Denver tree services company today to get information on preventing and preparing your landscape for the new season to emerge. 

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