Denver Tree Service Offering Winter Pruning Discount
americanarbor February 28, 2018

There is no better time than the present to have your trees and shrubs pruning needs addressed for the upcoming growing season. When trees are dormant, during the winter months, the pruning is easier and less impactful on the overall health of trees or shrubs. The Denver area landscape does have certain tree species that require pruning work be completed in the winter months, due to the risk of disease. Workers are able to easily access the trees when pruning during the winter months, and defects in a tree are readily detected.  Structure pruning will lend to the promotion of branch integrity for the future of the tree, as well as an important to start for proper development when trees are young.  Pruning during the winter months prior to flowering and leafing is ideal, prior to our spring storms that can result in storm damage, if a tree has not been properly pruned.

As the calendar continues to turn and days pass one after another, the winter weather will eventually dissipate as temperatures begin to increase. Rising soil and ambient temperatures aid trees in breaking dormancy to start the process of leaf emergence and flowering.  If you are interesting in receiving a free estimate for pruning while we are still offering our 10% winter pruning discount please contact our office (discount is valid for residential properties until March 31, 2018).

There are a variety of reasons that make winter when to trim trees and shrubs, including each of the following:

Tree Damage and Wounds

Pruning trees during the winter months has less impact on trees and shrubs than during the spring season. Pruning during flowering and leafing times can be stressful on trees and shrubs, as they are in the process of growing.  Pruning during the winter months also results in the stimulation of growth. Pruning during the winter months promotes wound compartmentalization prior to the spring, when insects and diseases are active. Further, our trained staff can easily identify dead, diseased, or broken branches when compared side-by-side with healthy, growing tissue.  Many trees in the Denver area have very obvious and prominent buds during winter months.  The dead, broken, or diseased branches pose potential fall hazards and should be removed immediately for the safety of those on the ground, as well as the overall health of the tree.  Dead branches in trees that are over 2″ in diameter are easily blown out of trees during high wind storms.

Lessen the Risk of Disease or Infestation

American Elms, ornamental, and fruting trees are recommended to have pruning operations completed during the winter (dormant) months. Please find more information below regarding the diseases the afore mentioned trees are susceptible to.  Just as humans can be susceptible to certain disease in different stages of their lives, so too are trees in their particular life cycle. By waiting until the later winter months, both risks are inherently lessened with the cooler temperatures and relative non-existence of any disease and pest infestation.

Less Sap Flowing

As the trees evolve during the seasons, when completing dormant pruning there is  sap flowing freely, because trees have less need for the uptake of water and nutrients since they are not actively growing.  Increased amounts of sap levels will not only attract insects and wildlife, but could also become a mess and difficult to clean for  homeowners dealing with such a tree. While it is not unusual for certain species of trees and shrubs to have an increased flow of sap during the spring months, it also not an optimal time for pruning.

Sight Lines are Dramatically Improved

Pruning during the winter months while the tree does not have a full canopy of leaves is actually preferred by most climbers, as it allows for better, unobstructed views.  It allows better identification of areas in need of attention and easier access for the necessary equipment and the crews.

Fire Blight

One such disease which is prevalent in ornamental and fruit trees attacking the foliage in the spring, is fire blight. This often exceptionally destructive disease can be limited with appropriate levels of pruning and maintaining a tree’s overall health. It is a very active disease for the Denver area during the spring.  Each spring season and the amount of damage varies.  Denver tree specialists best recommendations for the management of fireblight includes winter pruning to remove the diseased tissue and a spring application to aid in the prevention of the disease.

American Elm

These trees are very vulnerable to a pest infestation vectoring a disease the will result in over-all decline and eventually death if pruning is performed during the growing season. The attraction of pests like the elm bark beetle increase after pruning if the work is completed during the growing season.  However, if the pruning is performed during the dormant season, this can be avoided altogether . Any steps which can be taken to limit the possibility of a pests infestation or causing increased and unwarranted damage to the tree is always recommended.

These are just a few of the highlights to why winter a great time to prune trees. Proper pruning and the development of a care plan will provide your Denver Landscape with the most benefits, critical to the over-all health of your landscape, while also protecting the investimate you have. While these tips are only the beginning, they help to set a roadmap of future pruning expectations and can assist your trees to live full, healthy lives. All while providing the beauty, shade, and potentially foods for many years to come.

If you’re trees are in need of pruning or perhaps you wish to have a professional check the property for all the amazing advantages of executing a pruning plan, let the certified professional arborists at American Arbor Care assist you today. They can help with any and all of your tree trimming and debris removal needs, in addition to offering stump grinding and a variety of irrigation services. As the winter months continue, AAC is currently offering a price special on all of their pruning services, which runs through the end of March and can help both your wallet and landscape at the same time. The experts at American Arbor Care have been proudly serving the Denver area for over 20 years and can set you up with an appointment or free estimate for pruning or any of their other excellent services. Contact us today online or call 303-639-8584 to get started right away!

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