The Effects of Storm Damage on Your Trees
americanarbor March 17, 2021

Affecting things much differently than freeze damage in the fall, the recent snow has caused major damage. While flowers and plants have felt the icy effects of the snow, shrubs and trees have experienced some damage as well. The snow and freeze breaks branches and limbs from trees, particularly affecting ash trees and trumpet vine. 

Affecting New Growth

As the trees have produced new baby leaves during the start of the warm weather, the freeze hurts them in a major way. Baby leaves are still very tender, and not hardy enough to handle the sting of the cold, causing them to wilt and blacken.

Proper Pruning

The measures taken last fall during the freeze are much different to those taken now. Talk to your Denver tree care specialists to learn more about how you can bring your trees and shrubs back to good health after the freeze. They can show you or perform the correct ways to prune or cut your trees and shrubs.

Something to remember: the experts suggest having your trees evaluated every 3-5 years to ensure proper maintenance and health.

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