Pinnacle Assurance Circle of Safety Award
americanarbor January 22, 2020

American Arbor Care named a Circle of Safety Winner for 2019!!!

American Arbor Care is honored and proud to be one of just 50 of Pinnacol’s customers to receive the 2019 Circle of Safety Award. Our employees are like family, so keeping them safe on the job will always be our top priority.
American Arbor places workplace safety at the top of our priority list. From providing new equipment to the safety supplies to the vehicles, all are chosen for the safety they offer our employees that service our clientele on a daily basis.
Through training, maintenance, risk control and claims management we are able to provide all of the pieces to the puzzle to ensure our employees stay healthy and productive.
Our clients can also be proud to know they are hiring a professional company that has a strong set of safety values.

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