Denver Tree Services Recommend You Treat Ips Beetles Now

americanarbor April 5, 2016
If your spruce trees and pine trees are looking stressed, check them for western pine or ips beetles. Horticulturalist Joe Julian at the Colorado State University Cooperative Extension writes that ips beetles favor damaged or recently transplanted trees, but in times of heavy infestation, they will attack healthy spruce and pine trees. Denver tree pros recommend that […]

Storm Damage & Proper Tree Pruning Procedures for Prevention

americanarbor April 1, 2016
The weather as of late has been unpredictable to say the least. One moment, the sun is out casting warm rays on Denver, creating streams of water to flow through the streets, and the next moment – the sky is gray and heavy streams of snow fall to the ground. The blizzard was especially surprising, […]

6 Tips for Spring Cleanup for Your Denver Landscape

americanarbor March 25, 2016
We’re well on our way to summer’s heat (even with snow on the ground) and it’s time get started on revitalizing those landscape showstoppers, specifically roses and ornamental grasses. April is the perfect month to get your rose bushes and climbing vines in shape for a magnificent display in your Denver landscape. For basic rose […]

Improve Denver Landscaping through Overseeding

americanarbor March 11, 2016
In the Denver area, it’s not uncommon for cool season lawns to look less than perfect after summer’s heat or winter’s cruel weather. Lawns at the end of both seasons are subject to damage, disease, and neglect. Fall is considered the optimum time for overseeding, but March offers the second best opportunity to improve Denver […]

Avoid Disruption By Following Recommended Practices for Safety Zone Pruning in Denver

americanarbor January 23, 2016
With any older city, the infrastructure of power lines can present problems with tree growth and overhanging limbs.  As a part of regular maintenance, you should always have a professional determine when to recommend pruning – especially if your tree crosses paths or comes close to power lines. There are specific rules in place, which […]

How to Recognize and Combat Soil Compaction Around Your Trees in Denver

americanarbor January 18, 2016
Soil compaction is major issue in terms of tree care in Denver due to the suppression of oxygen and water to the roots. The more the soil is compacted, the tighter the space and the less space there will be for air and water to freely flow to the roots of the tree and deliver […]

Effectively Hide Tree Roots in Your Denver Landscape

americanarbor January 9, 2016
In cities like Denver, the nods to the past become that nostalgic element that remind us of the city’s history and life before our time here. Something that is inevitably part of our Denver landscape and comes along with age is tree roots. If you walk the sidewalks in any local neighborhood, you will likely […]

Take the Right Precautions to Protect Your Trees in Denver This Winter

americanarbor January 2, 2016
While we might be experiencing some warm weather at the start of our November here in Colorado, it is important to remember that no matter how sunny and temperate today might be, this weekend could bring some much chillier weather, and it is best to be prepared. Especially in regard to your trees – keeping […]

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