Denver Tree Care Encyclopedia: The Colorado Blue Spruce

americanarbor November 18, 2022
The Colorado Blue Spruce can be found in home landscapes across the state, and its majestic blue-green hue makes it stand out among other, less showy trees. Known for its exceptional beauty, this common landscaping tree is worth learning about and caring for — especially since it’s Colorado’s official state tree. Let’s learn about the […]

Should You Plant Aspen Trees in Denver?

americanarbor December 2, 2022
Aspen trees are known for their beautiful trunks and magnificent foliage, and it’s no wonder that many people consider adding them to their home landscapes. However, before you head out to your nearest nursery, it’s important to learn about an aspen’s needs, so you can determine whether it will thrive in your unique yard, soil, […]

Denver Tree Care Encyclopedia: Eastern Redbuds

americanarbor December 22, 2022
What Does an Eastern Redbud Look Like? Each spring, Eastern redbud trees burst with beautiful pinkish-purple flowers, followed by the growth of lovely reddish leaves. As spring turns into summer, the heart-shaped leaves slowly turn green, transforming into a bright yellow by autumn. The Eastern redbud is a small tree that has low branches, and […]

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