Treatment for Winter Desiccation Damage from Your Denver Tree Service
americanarbor January 20, 2017

Are you keeping your trees as healthy as they should be? Most of the time, treatment is a routine thing instead of a one-time operation, so make sure you are keeping up with your recommended services or treatments as instructed by your local Denver tree service. One treatment which should not be ignored is anti-transpirant sprays. During the winter, winter desiccation damage can have a very harmful effect on your broadleaf evergreens and upright junipers/arborvitaes, so it is important to ensure they are being treated once per month for prevention.

Understanding Winter Desiccation Damage

How do you know if your tree is already experiencing winter desiccation damage? Moisture is the main issue for this type of problem, and generally you can find out if your tree is being hydrated properly by measuring the moisture in the soil. Dry soil typically equals no water for your tree’s roots to absorb and this begins to show itself in your tree’s needles or leaves. The climate has the most influence over this change – in Colorado, the sun is typically shining, which is perfect for enjoying the outdoors, but not so perfect for your trees if they are not on a regular watering schedule. The sun makes the leaves release some of their moisture to stay cool, and without moisture in the air, the trees will suffer overall due to lack of proper hydration.

If you see your leaves or needles beginning to get discolored, chances are they are experiencing winter desiccation damage. The leaves themselves also release some of the moisture out of them, which adds to the dehydration. One way to combat this is with the anti-transpirant sprays. They will coat the leaves and prevent them from releasing this moisture on sunny days.

When Should Anti-Transpirant Sprays Be Used?

The best time to use anti-transpirant sprays is when we are experiencing warm weather. It is important during the winter months when we do have cold snaps still on the horizon, to implement a regular monthly treatment of anti-transpirant sprays to your trees.

Be sure to check with the experts at American Arbor Care to make sure your trees are receiving proper treatment, on a regular schedule to maintain their health and vitality. If you aren’t sure if your tree is experiencing these issues, it is best to let the professionals assess the situation and determine the best method for either prevention or treatment. You can learn more about winter desiccation damage and how to combat it on our blog. Learn about other winter treatments and things to look out for, like snow mold, and how to check to see if that is something you need to address.

To our current clients, we will be sending out our 2017 Proposals at the end of this month (January) and the beginning of February, so make sure to keep an eye out for those! If you have any questions or want to speak to us about additional treatments and services, please call the American Arbor Care team at 303-639-8584.

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