Inspecting Landscaping Tools for Necessary Maintenance or Repair
americanarbor February 3, 2017

When you’re chopping up vegetables or meat for dinner, it can be very frustrating when the tool you are using is dull. Cutting now becomes a chore, however there is a simple fix. Sharpening that knife, could make cooking dinner faster, safer and less strenuous on your hand. Now if we apply the same principle to landscaping tools, you will see the same positive effects when you take care of your tools properly.


If you own a chainsaw, you know that while it is a very handy tool for backyard maintenance and upkeep, it can be dangerous to use. It’s necessary that you know how to properly handle this tool before you use it. If you are a seasoned chainsaw expert, regularly inspect your saw each time  you use it is a must. Because chainsaws can be very dangerous if not used properly, make sure you are wearing safety gear such as a helmet, goggles or glasses and gloves. One of the biggest issues is when the saw kickbacks. Many injuries have happened when a chainsaw has kicked back and the operator was unprepared. Make sure your chainsaw is properly maintained and repaired to avoid injury by use.

Lawn Mower

Remember when you were a teenager cutting your parents grass? Whether you used a push reel mower or a gas powered machine, if the blades weren’t properly sharpened and greased, cutting the grass was a nightmare. The lawn mower is one of the most common landscaping tools that everyone has in their garage, and so everyone should know how to maintain and notice of your mower needs to be repaired. Pay attention to the engine throttle and the undercarriage where the blades sit. Read the owner’s manual before starting on an repairs. To keep it properly maintained start a care regimen at the end of each mowing season before you put it away.Follow these tips:

  • Remove the gasoline from the tank
  • Make sure the oil is clean and at the proper level
  • Remove all the grass and debris from the undercarriage

In the Spring follow these tips to start mowing season off right:

  • Get the mower blades sharpened
  • Change the spark plugs
  • Add fresh gasoline to the tank

Learn more about how to pick the right mower for your lawn.

Safety Gear

One of the most important landscaping tools is having the proper safety gear such as a helmet, safety glasses, long sleeve clothing, close toes shoes and gloves. These items can help protect your body from machine malfunctions or unforeseen accidents. When inspecting your landscaping tools, you should be wearing proper safety gear and make sure all tools are turned off and in safety mode.

If you aren’t sure what the proper way to repair or maintain your landscaping equipment consider contacting a professional. With Spring right around the corner contact the experts at American Arbor Care for more information about landscaping, tree/shrub pruning & removal, insect/disease management, tree planting, fertilization, weed control, stump grinding, mulching, consultation, and more!

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