Cia Wenzel – July 26, 2011

American Arbor Care has taken care of my trees, winter watering, lawn services, and landscaping needs for many years. When I had a huge old elm that needed to be removed from my parking strip, Paul took care of the removal and he and Toni helped choose and plant the replacement red leaf maple. The […]

Terms and Conditions

We are fully licensed and insured. We comply and follow all ANSI and Z133 standards for our industry.  All work performed conforms to these standards. The arborist will visit the site to determine the plant health care, lawn care, and pruning/removal operations that need to be completed at the site. Structure Prune and Shape- Pruning […]

Importance of Watering During a Dry Fall and Assistance from Your Denver Tree Service

While you might start to mentally check out from your landscaping task list as the cooler months settle in, fall is actually a key time to care for your lawn. This will ensure that it survives the winter and your investment stays intact! Having had a dry season, there are things Denver homeowners will need […]

Fall Watering and Winterization Tips for your Denver Landscaping for Fall

As we transition into the fall months, it is important to change the way you manage your lawn. With the change in seasons comes a different need for the way your lawn is treated. This will help to keep your lawn and landscaping protected throughout the winter and help them thrive come spring. As you […]

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