How To Manage Dry Spells With Your Denver Landscape
americanarbor March 10, 2017

Have you been enjoying the unseasonably warm weather this year so far? While it feels great to wear a t-shirt in February, it is not optimal for those things which grow in the dirt. Sunny weather definitely takes a toll on you landscape if you are not prepared to jump into action a little early. Very little snowfall also will have an effect on the moisture levels in your plants. When snow falls it insulates the ground beneath, and when it melts, it provides needed water for the plants – without snow and without watering, your plants are at risk of drying out and dying much faster.

Here is what our tree care professionals in Denver recommend for our current weather conditions:

Warm Days Mean Your Plants Need Water

We all tend to keep an eye on the weather and know when we expect cold weather, warm weather, or extra moisture. Keep your plants and landscape in mind when you look at the weather forecast, and plan accordingly. Make sure your plants receive proper hydration when the weather is above freezing, and if we encounter temperatures in the 70s, that is the perfect time for a deep water. This applies to most everything, beds of plants, trees, lawn – all of the above. This can be a lot to manage or keep up with on your own, so if you do not have a dedicated service to manage this, make sure to learn about your options with professional landscaping and tree care services from American Arbor Care.

Don’t Jump Back Into a Schedule Just Yet

If you have an irrigation system, chances are you are used to setting up a watering schedule which runs automatically. While this is an easy way to keep things hydrated, if the weather is not guaranteed to stay above freezing, you are opening yourself up to trouble by turning on your sprinkler system. With unpredictable weather patterns, it is best to keep your irrigation system turned off to avoid the risk of frozen pipes, leading to water leaks and further damage to your home. You do need to make sure you are watering your lawn and plants, but this should be done manually until the risk of snow is fully not a factor.

What Should You Do Now?

Manual watering is necessary to make sure your soil has enough moisture. Feel the soil in throughout your landscape to see how dry it is just beneath the surface. If you don’t feel any moisture a few inches deep, it is time to water your space. Not sure how much water should be applied to your landscape? This is where the team at American Arbor Care can help. Allow us to maintain your landscape for you – we are extremely conscious of current and upcoming weather patterns and will determine the exact timing and amount of water needed to keep your landscape green come springtime’s actual starting point.

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