Denver Landscaping Tips for Winter Time
americanarbor February 8, 2017

Many people hang up their hoses or turn off their sprinklers and irrigation systems once late fall and early winter hits. However, contrary to popular belief and assumption, it is important to water your Denver landscaping during winter. Another concern to keep in mind during dry conditions are turf mites. Learn more about watering your lawn during the winter and signs of turf mites, as well as how you can prepare for your spring landscaping.

Watering Landscaping in the Winter

During dry winters, turf mites are one of the reasons it is crucial to keep your yard watered all year long.  That is not the only reason, though. For the overall life and longevity of your trees, shrubs, plants and other landscaping, it is important to keep your lawn hydrated throughout the year, even in the cold climates. Failure to do so can injure your landscaping long term. There are a few conditions to watering. In Colorado State University’s Fall and Winter Watering, they tell homeowners to water lawns when the temperature is 40 degrees or higher. When watering, you should only water in the middle of the day so the water is less likely to freeze. The article has more tips to ensure you water your lawn properly during the winter.

Turf Mites

There is a culprit that you might least expect that can do some damage to your beautiful lawn: turf mites. Turf mites are small pests that thrive in dry climates. The most likely time for them to appear? Shortly after winter. You know you have an issue when spring rolls around and you have brown patches of grass in your lawn. The drier a winter is, the more likely your lawn is to fall victim to these nuisances. In extreme circumstances, you may have to replace the sod in your lawn if the area can’t be recovered. However, by watering your lawn, you can reduce the risk of getting turf mites. Learn more about these small pests in Year Round Gardening: Turf Mites May Be to Blame for Brown Lawn Patches.

Preparing for Spring

With spring, just around the corner, February is the best time to begin making your landscaping plans and preparations. As you take inventory of your land, you can look out for warning signs and issues, such as turf mites. You can make your plans on what you would like to add, if anything, and what supplies you will need. Even though it is cold outside, you can still take time to trim shrubs and bushes. You can also pull any weeds. If you have any hardscaping, it is also a good time to make sure nothing is cracked or falling apart.

As we move into spring, you can trust in the experts at American Arbor Care for all of your tree, shrub and lawn care needs. Learn more about the importance of tree and shrub pruning in Denver during early spring for more tips. For help with your lawn, call us at 303-639-8584.

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