Your Tree’s Defense – Recommended Care from Denver Tree Care Specialists
americanarbor October 5, 2016

As a part of your regular maintenance routine, deep root fertilization this fall should be reaching the top of your list. Now is the time to begin these fertilizations – always performed by your local Denver tree service. We wrote previously about early fall deep root fertilization in Denver and described what it is, when it should happen, and why trees need it – but we want to go into more detail about its overall importance, how it affects your tree’s health, any why it is best performed by professionals.

Why Worry About Deep Root Tree and Shrub Fertilization?

The simple (and perhaps obvious) answer is: health and new growth. Generally the soil nutrient content is not quite sufficient to be able to supply the tree with proper nutrition. One major reason trees should receive this treatment is to increase their stability and strength during the winter months – and can reduce breakage. Across the board, from the branches to the canopy of leaves and limbs, this fertilization can improve the density and overall growth in the warmer months to come.

Your Tree’s Immune System

Another great benefit to deep root fertilization is toughening your tree’s defense of disease and pests. While the soil is affected in a positive way, so is the natural defenses of your tree. Much like building up your own immune system through proper nutrition, deep root fertilization applies the same concept to your tree.
Much of the maintenance that is performed annually ensures proper growth and nutrition in later months in instead of immediately, so keeping to your scheduled or recommended maintenance is key to keeping your trees and shrubs healthy in the more significant stages of growth.

Soil Aeration or Compaction

An oversight that many homeowners have when it comes to tree care is applying just as much care to the soil as the tree itself. After all, the soil has a great effect on all parts of your tree! Deep root fertilizations of trees and shrubs can naturally bring more space into the soil and ease any soil compaction that might be suffocating surrounding tree roots. The fertilizer is the more accessible for the tree and has a more immediate connection.

Why Does It Require a Professional?

The main reason professional tree services in Denver need to perform deep root tree and shrub fertilization is mainly due to the equipment needed to perform it. The pros will use a specialized probe that applies high levels of pressure to the soil to reach the necessary depths. It also injects the fertilizer through a slow release to allow for proper absorption. These tools allow the fertilizer to de-compact the soil and actually reach the optimal part of the tree roots.

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