Have You Started Your Watering Routine? Keep Fruit Trees Healthy with Denver Tree Experts Advice

americanarbor April 27, 2016
April is the time to get routine watering started – and the Denver tree services can offer the best advice for when to water and get a good spring start on your landscaping. Another important area to focus is on fruit trees and fire blight. Ornamental trees are awfully pretty when they bloom, but the fruit […]

Spray Now For Insect Prevention in Denver

americanarbor May 6, 2016
Scale (i.e., sucking) and borer insects emerge in spring from overwintering eggs, and most species can reproduce several generations until they die off (or go dormant) in the fall. Some species don’t seem to do much damage, while others will kill a tree in a single season. The list of pests is extensive and includes: […]

Tree Pros Know: April Showers Bring May Mites and Aphid Infestations

americanarbor May 11, 2016
May is the month when homeowners begin spending quality time in their yards. It’s also the season for the emergence of aphids and mites. Both pests can inflict serious damage to trees and shrubs and infestations of both can be treated. Denver landscaping experts offer some advice. Spider Mites If you thought emerald and lilac […]

Elm Leaf Pests: Proper Denver Tree Care & Management

americanarbor May 20, 2016
Now that it’s springtime in Denver, elm tree pests are starting to come out of their winter stages of life to feed. You may notice brown spots or circular holes starting to show up in your elm’s foliage. These are signs that your tree may be infested with a pest – and your next step […]

Summer Lawn Care for Denver Landscaping

americanarbor May 27, 2016
The end of May begins the summer vacation season with Memorial Day. Expect the imminent arrival of hot, sultry days with long hours of sunshine and, often, too little rain. The end of spring heralds parched lawns and flowerbeds. Better Homes & Gardens recommends that homeowners think about prevention rather than treatment to keep their lawns looking […]

Denver Tree Pros Recommend Borer Treatments Now

americanarbor June 1, 2016
’Tis the season for specialty borer applications to rid your trees and shrubs of honey locust borers, black locust borers, and viburnum borers. Like all borer species, these pests lay their eggs in the bark and the larvae which hatch then burrow beneath the bark to feed. Heavy infestations will kill a tree. Unfortunately, infestations […]

Denver Tree Service Says Timing is Everything for Treating Pest Infestations

americanarbor June 9, 2016
As spring eases into summer, tree insects such as scales and borers begin to rear their ugly heads. Certain trees are susceptible to certain insects, and now is the time for specialized treatments to protect them from pest infestations. On the radar for the coming months for Denver tree pros are scales, borers, aphids, and […]

4 Threats to Your Lawn’s Health This Summer in Denver

americanarbor June 16, 2016
This is the season when your yard is at its greenest and most flourishing. Taking careful steps now for the treatment and protection against weeds and pests for your landscaping in Denver will ensure that your lawn looks lush throughout the rest of summer. The scorching heat of July makes some treatments, such as fertilization, […]

Denver Tree Pros Recommend Adjusting Your Sprinkler Settings for Summer

americanarbor June 24, 2016
The height of summer is approaching, and with it comes skyrocketing temperatures. 2016 is already on track to be the hottest year on record, as Denver’s multiple days of 90-to-100 degree temperatures can attest to. Once the city consistently clocks in above 85 degrees, it’s important to adjust your sprinkler clock settings to maximize zone […]

Pruning Your Early-Spring Bloomers – Recommendations from Your Denver Tree Specialists

americanarbor June 29, 2016
While Colorado weather tends to make its own rules in the summer, there are some key rules to follow if you want to keep your yard looking beautiful all season long. The Denver tree specialists at American Arbor Care have some recommendations on what to do, including details on pruning your early spring blooming shrubs. […]

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