Denver Tree Pros Recommend Adjusting Your Sprinkler Settings for Summer
americanarbor August 15, 2022

The height of summer is approaching, and with it comes skyrocketing temperatures. 2016 is already on track to be the hottest year on record, as Denver’s multiple days of 90-to-100 degree temperatures can attest to. Once the city consistently clocks in above 85 degrees, it’s important to adjust your sprinkler clock settings to maximize zone watering times. Controlling when and how much you water will save your Denver landscaping, as well as help you conserve resources and energy. The goal is to keep your yard healthy while using as little water as efficiently as possible.

Watering Zones
Most modern irrigation systems use a controller to regulate the length of time and amount of water used. This controller is an automatic timer that responds to the watering schedule you input, so it’s important to pay attention to weather conditions and make frequent adjustments accordingly during each season. Sprinkler systems in Denver are divided around your yard into areas called “zones.” Each zone has groups of plants with watering needs that differ from the other zones. Specific types of irrigation systems and irrigation system heads service specific zones. One to two inches of water is the ideal amount, depending on the soil structure, although areas such as the lawn need more frequent watering than trees, shrubs, or groundcover plants. Know your zones and what each one needs.

Irrigation Scheduling
To establish and encourage a healthy lawn and garden, every area needs to be watered regularly and evenly according to its needs. Having and maintaining an accurate moisture level will keep you from over- or underwatering, which could waste water and harm plants. Determining how much water each zone needs can be a trial and error process; consulting with a landscaping professional can help you set up the proper irrigation system for your yard. As a general rule of thumb, watering early in the morning during the summer is preferred. This allows the moisture to penetrate the soil and get to the roots before the sun causes it to evaporate. Watering during the day is much less effective, as it merely gets the plants wet and doesn’t provide enough time for the roots to absorb the water. Set your sprinkler clocks for early morning watering, but not for dusk or the evening. Photosynthesis can’t occur if the water has already passed through the root system.

Choose Efficient Systems

Expert landscapers and irrigation installers will know which sprinkler systems work best for the zones in your yard. There are low flow systems (drip lines, micro sprays) and high flow systems (fixed spray, bubbler), each designed to maximize the proper use of water. If you start with the right tools and keep a close eye on your equipment settings, your yard should continue to flourish even through the dog days of summer.

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