Winter Time is the Best Time for Tree Removal: Here’s Why
Kerstin Kim January 9, 2024

Tree removal is a task that takes a lot of planning and prep, so it’s best to schedule it at the right time. Spring may be the best season to plant flowers and vegetables in your garden, but surprisingly, it’s not the best time to remove a tree. There are many advantages to scheduling tree removal in winter that are less invasive to the surrounding landscape. Let’s look at what makes winter the best time of year for tree removal.

The Benefits of Removing Trees in the Winter

Removing trees in the winter is a much easier process that causes less stress to the tree and surrounding landscape. Although it may be a chilly job, the process will go much smoother than if it was scheduled for a warm, summer day. One added perk is, most pests and diseases are also dormant in winter, which lessens the risk of them spreading as the tree is effectively removed.

Trees are Easier to Access

Most trees in winter are completely bare, and all the leaves have fallen to the ground. This makes it much easier to access the many branches for removal. Fewer leaves means less mess, better access to proper cuts, and fewer loads of debris.

It Causes Less Damage to the Surrounding Landscape

When the ground is frozen in winter, it’s less likely to be damaged and disturbed by the crew’s tree removal equipment. Heavy branches and heavy equipment can tear up the tender summer soil, but in winter, they are far less likely to leave a mark.

How is Tree Removal Less Invasive in the Winter?

Winter is the prime time for tree removal for a number of reasons. It’s less invasive because:

  • plants and vegetation are dormant, which means they’re less likely to sustain damage from the crew’s tree removal equipment.
  • soil is typically frozen, which means it’s less likely to erode when the tree is removed.

Although most people schedule landscaping tasks for spring and summer months, tree removal really is best in the winter. That’s because it’s a time when plants and trees go dormant and the soil stays nice and frozen, right where it’s at. You won’t be sorry for scheduling tree removal in the winter.

Trust American Arbor Care With Your Tree Removal

Removing trees requires extensive knowledge, professional crews, and a lot of heavy equipment. Although it can be scheduled year-round, tree removal is best performed in the winter months. By scheduling a winter tree removal service, you can rest assured that your landscape won’t be harmed and potential diseases won’t spread. If you’re interested in having a tree removed from your property, your first step is to get an estimate from a certified arborist. At American Arbor Care, we’re equipped with the best crews, the best equipment, and the most experienced personnel in the Denver area. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate for winter tree removal.

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