americanarbor March 3, 2021

Job Expectations Include (Not limited to):

Ensure tree health and vigor

Train new climbers

Ensure tree safety

Experience in lowering and rigging

Ensure aesthetic pruning/structural integrity

Basic knowledge of plant anatomy

Assess tree for pruning vs. removal

Foster a cooperative work environment

Communication with sales arborists

Safe use of all power equipment/tools

Experience with various climbing equipment

Organization of paperwork

Ensure safe work zone

Organization and maintenance of equipment

Experience in fine tree pruning

Supervise ground personnel


Train new ground personnel

Willing to cross-train in other departments

Understand/conform to all industry/OSHA standards


Valid Driver’s License in good standing/CDL

Maintain safe work zone and working habits

Dependable, with strong work ethic

Problem solving skills

Reliable transportation

Communication skills

Climbing and rigging skills

Maintain deadlines for work completion

Ornamental, shade tree, and shrub pruning

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