Top Ways to Prepare your Trees, Shrubs, and Denver Landscaping for Winter
americanarbor December 13, 2017

Plants, trees, gardens, and shrubs prepare for the winter just like people do. Homeowners need to take actions and precautions now, in the fall, that will help their Denver landscaping investment last throughout the winter. With a little extra time and effort, both on your own and in conjunction with your local arborist, you will achieve this success. Learn how plants prepare for winter on their own, reasons to use anti-desiccants, and the importance of aerating your soil to ensure survival.

How Plants Prepare

Perennials last all year long, year after year, and can make it through the winter as opposed to annuals. The process begins when the days start to get shorter. How? Less sunlight plays a huge role. Plants work through the seasons and life cycles, which aides in their survival. One of the ways they do this is with proteins and the storage of sugar within their roots. This process is very similar to what anti-freeze does for vehicles. Over time, plants build up solutes to help avoid freezing and the formation of ice. When there is a breakdown in the process, the tissues become damaged and there is also desiccation. This occurs when the plants dry out.

Using Anti-Desiccants

Plants and evergreen trees that endure desiccation run the risk of dying—a situation you want to avoid. You will begin to notice there is a problem when leaves and needles become brown This is due to the lack of water. When desiccation takes over, the plant, tree, or shrub will die. Desiccation occurs when plants have roots that are frozen, making it difficult to use its internal processes to stay alive. When there is dryness in the atmosphere, the two combined can create issues with your landscaping.  This is why you must use anti-desiccants to prevent this from happening. When treating your soil with them, water retention is much better than if it were on its own. You need to treat your soil in the late fall or early winter. Make sure you complete the treatment on a sunny, mild day. Work with your local arborist who can manage this for you.

Winter preparation is one of the most important elements of maintaining a healthy, lush landscape. If you did not take the necessary steps for ensuring your plants make it through to the next season, you might need some assistance come spring. Work with the best team in Denver at American Arbor Care and learn how and when to treat your plants to be sure you have the ideal landscape next winter.

Looking for more ways to help your plants, shrubs, and trees survive the winter? Use these fall watering and winterization tips for your Denver landscaping. The best way to ensure the longevity of your investments, trust the experts at American Arbor Care. Now is the time to act before cold temperatures officially set in. Call us at 303-639-8584 to get started.

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