​Tips from Tree Pros: Insect activity is on its way! Is your landscape ready for insects?
americanarbor April 19, 2017

Now that spring has arrived, you need to be look out for insect activity in your landscaping. As insects become more prevalent with the warmer weather, you need to keep an eye on your yard but also be proactive to ensure all of your hard work does not get destroyed. Learn what spring insect activity typically happens in spring, warning signs and ways to prepare your landscaping from tree pros.

Spring Insect Activity

As spring comes around, those in Colorado have a few certain types of insects that can affect their lawns. One of the most popular types are mites. These are incredibly small insects that are almost hard to detect by the human eye. Spring is one of the main times of year this insect comes out and they typically spend time throughout the yard and along pathways such as sidewalks or fences. Another common insect that is found in Denver during spring are billbugs. They are small beetles that are black or have a dotted pattern on them with thick legs. They begin their life as grubs which is an opportune time to eliminate them. When it comes to your trees, the Emerald Ash Borer is an insect to watch for. These are small green bugs that are almost grasshopper like with large eyes.

Warning Signs

There are many types of insects that can wreak havoc on your lawn. One of the key things to watch for is discoloration or browning grass. With other insects, you may not notice a discoloration, but grass blades may have pieces bitten off. This is also the same for leaves, and you might notice certain parts of leaves have had bites. Some pests can really cause damage to your lawn and some tend to be more problematic on turf.

Preparing Your Landscape

If your lawn has been damaged by insects, it is important to go into overdrive when it comes to caring for them. Make sure they are getting plenty, but not too much, water. You can also purchase fertilizers to help fill in the patches that are missing. One of the best preventative methods to help avoid pests is to dethatch your lawn. This basically means you can take a rake or object to rake the lawn and take off the top layer. Learn more about types of insects in the Denver area – learn how to identify lawn pests. Next, to be proactive you can spray an insecticide that is safe onto your plants and grass.  

As you work on your spring lawn maintenance and preventative care, American Arbor Care can help with anything you need. Learn about the reasons to apply spring pre-emergent to shrubs and flower beds for Denver landscaping. We have a wide variety of lawn care and fertilization services to help make sure your lawn stays on the top of its game. To get started, give us a call at 303-639-8584 and we will set up a time to discuss your lawn needs.

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