Tips from Denver Tree Service: Fruit and Ornamental Tree Spring Care
americanarbor March 1, 2017

As we move out of the winter months, it is important to care for the fruit and ornamental trees that live on your property. By putting in work now, you will have flourishing trees that will make your lawn one of the best on the street. Learn the importance of pruning your trees, general care tips and reasons to mulch your Denver landscaping.

Importance of Pruning

It is crucial to prune your fruit and ornamental trees. During the pruning process, you will simply trim any dying elements of the tree. For instance, this could include browning leaves or damaged elements of the tree. Next, you will want to trim branches to leave enough room for light to reach all areas of the tree. If certain parts of the tree have several branches growing off a single branch, you will need to remove some of those branches too. Aim to reduce them to just one or two branches. It is also important to trim the ends of the branches as well. This can help improve growth in the future. For a more in-depth look into pruning, read an article by This Old House called, How to Prune a Fruit Tree.

General Care Tips

Using fertilizer is important with fruit and ornamental trees. This will help your trees to grow and cure any imbalance there might be when it comes to the quality of the nutrients the tree is receiving. Next, it is important that these types of trees get the appropriate amount of water. Irrigation systems help manage the amount of water. When watering, avoid putting water directly around the trunk. By watering the tree around the area instead, it will have better access to the roots. When it comes to light, it is important that your trees get enough natural light and shouldn’t have anything directly hindering them from that.


Another way to maintain your fruit and ornamental trees it to mulch around them. You will need three or four inches of mulch around the tree. Any more could be detrimental to the overall health of the tree. Similar to watering these trees, avoid putting mulch where it directly is placed around the trunk. One of the best times to mulch a fruit or ornamental tree is towards the end of winter or beginning of spring. Mulch also can contain fertilizer which will help you knock out that need for your trees. Prior to adding the mulch, be sure to take out the weeds and any other debris in the area.

When it comes to all your spring arbor needs, American Arbor Care has you covered. From lawn care and landscaping services, to pruning and tree services, we will ensure all your needs are met. Being a crucial time to prune your fruit and ornamental trees, be sure to learn more about our pruning, tree removal and stump grinding services. We can also help you determine the perfect amount of mulch and/or fertilizer you need to ensure your trees blossom beautifully. Contact American Arbor Care in Denver, CO today to get started on your spring tree, shrub, lawn and landscaping services!

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