Take the Right Precautions to Protect Your Trees in Denver This Winter
americanarbor January 2, 2016

While we might be experiencing some warm weather at the start of our November here in Colorado, it is important to remember that no matter how sunny and temperate today might be, this weekend could bring some much chillier weather, and it is best to be prepared. Especially in regard to your trees – keeping them healthy during the winter ensures they will be able to flourish in the spring season.

Here are some helpful tips for your trees to maintain health in cold weather:

Winter Pruning Only

Many homeowners are not aware that the best time to prune your tree is actually best to perform major pruning when the tree is dormant. Generally the later winter months are the best time for any tree to be pruned, no matter the type. Pruning the tree’s dead limbs and branches will promote new growth once out of dormancy. A good rule to remember is to keep all branches and limbs unless you have a specific reason to remove them.

Water Thoroughly

While it might not seem like it is the best time for watering, during these warmer days and months before snowfall is a very important time to keep your trees hydrated. The best method would be to deeply water your trees and their branches completely and thoroughly – at about 10 gallons per inch of the tree’s diameter.

Make Your Own Mulch

Ever wondered how leaves can be recycled? Make a mulch from your fallen leaves rather than dispose of them. You can use the mulch to surround the bottom of your tree or within the soil. The mulch around the tree will give it insulation to help it retain its moisture and keep the roots from being affected heavily by cold temperatures.

Trunk Wrapping

It depends on the type of tree you have – and your local tree care service can assist in determining whether you need this – but many trees are susceptible to cracks in the trunk and bark in the frigid months. It can be prevented simply by wrapping the trunks throughout the entire winter season.

Take Extra Care of the Little Ones

Do you have any newly planted or younger trees on your property? Take extra care of these trees in terms of protecting and tending to the bark, trunk, branches, and limbs. These trees have not had time to fully develop at the roots, making them more susceptible to permanent damage due to lack of care.

Learn more about how to prepare your trees for winter from the Colorado State Forest Service.

If you are not sure how to maintain proper tree health through the winter, just ask the experts at American Arbor Care. Our team is ready to support you and determine the best action for your landscape. Be sure to read more about how to prevent damage through the winter and maintaining tree health in Denver with dry weather patterns. Our weather in Colorado can be unpredictable, so it is important to understand the right course of action so your plants to not experience drought or stress.

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