Storm Damage & Proper Tree Pruning Procedures for Prevention
americanarbor April 1, 2016

The weather as of late has been unpredictable to say the least. One moment, the sun is out casting warm rays on Denver, creating streams of water to flow through the streets, and the next moment – the sky is gray and heavy streams of snow fall to the ground. The blizzard was especially surprising, and created some major issues for home and business owners who hadn’t yet tended to their pruning needs. As your premier Denver tree service, we have a few things to point out that you should remember while we endure weather ranging across the board:

Storm Damage

Storm damage in Denver takes its toll on your plant life and trees in a big way. Mainly trees experience the worst of it with heavy snow and winds, the limbs tend to fall to the ground and can hinder growth. While it can be managed, it is best to allow your Denver tree service assess the damage and make their recommendations based on your specific situation. They will be able to enact a plan to care for your trees in the most effective way.

Proper Pruning

The best way to manage storm damage is actually taking preventative measures. Proper pruning procedures are integral throughout the year, especially before seasons we experience unpredictable and heavy weather patterns. Pruning your trees in winter and at the start of summer can prevent breakage of limbs and branches, creating health issues in the long run for your tree.

Early Spring Maintenance

In the first three to four weeks of spring, we see a lot of plant life beginning to wake back up. Bulb buds begin to emerge, color starts to show, and the green slowly starts to creep out into the sunshine. During this time, it is important to maintain a steady and regular watering schedule. If we have melting snow, it can take care of some of the hydration, but early watering is key for your fledgling plants to survive and grow strong in the upcoming months.

Preventative Measures for Insects

Remember the Emerald Ash Borer? It is getting close to that time again to keep the Emerald Ash Borers at bay and away from your trees. We will begin our injections for Emerald Ash Borers to keep your trees healthy and safe throughout the blooming season and into the summer. Scale insects are another major threat to your tree and shrub health. They are often undetected until you begin to notice your tree or shrub suffering or dying. The importance of catching the culprits before they are able to create issues cannot be understated. Allow the professionals to inspect and evaluate the overall health of your trees and shrubs to begin treatment as soon as possible if necessary.

Call our team of experts today to get started and assess your tree’s health. We can maintain a healthy landscape for you and your family and recommend the best plan of action for the future. If you have experienced storm damage at your home after the blizzard, get in contact with American Arbor Care. We can implement proper pruning procedures moving forward and get you back on track for this year’s beautiful spring season!

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