Start Your Spring Cleanups and Tree Trimming in Denver Now
americanarbor March 22, 2017

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Shortly before spring and during early spring is an optimal time to prepare a beautiful front and back yard for the rest of the year. A little bit of effort can go a long way to having a flourishing yard as the temperatures warm up. From plant beds and tree trimming in Denver, to other ways to prepare your landscaping, use some of our expert tips to get your yard ready now:

Start Lawn Care Now

We have begun some of our important processes in lawn care – aeration, overseeding, and top-dressing are in full swing with the spring season upon us. Other avenues of lawn care should be started now, including spring pre-emergent and broadlead weed control (step 1). Weed prevention is very important as your new plants begin to emerge to ensure they are able to flourish and receive proper nutrients from the soil and make your yard healthier overall. Get started with pre-emergent treatments in beds or border areas to get a jump on weed control in your landscape. 

Cleaning Plant Beds

When gearing up for spring, you will want to take inventory of the existing items in your plant beds. Any dead items or plants you know you will not want in the summer should be removed. In addition, remove dead leaves or branches that have fallen off and are laying in your plant bed. Next, for any rocks incorporated in your landscaping, you can take some time to clean those off, too. And spend some time refreshing your mulch.   Next, you will want to pull any weeds that are in your plant beds. Learn more about how to design the perfect flower bed.

Tree Trimming

It is important to trim and prune the trees in your yard before spring. To get started, you will need shears and saws that you can find at your local outdoor goods or hardware store. By pruning trees the proper way, you will be encouraging growth. Any buds will blossom for spring and it will continue a track to growth. When pruning, the first thing you will want to do is inspect the tree. You will want to look for areas that look diseased or are dying. Those will be the first branches that you want to cut. When cutting off branches, do not cut close to the trunk of the tree. Cut close to the trunk but leaving a little amount still protruding. Next, if there are any branches that cross, you will want to cut those too. As for the other small branches on the tree, you can make small cuts that are a quarter of an inch near the bud. This will encourage growth.

Preparing your Landscaping

Once you have cleaned your plant beds and trimmed your trees, it is time to prepare your landscaping for spring. If there are any plants you would like to add to your landscaping, this is the time to add them. Next, you will want to mulch. This will also help your plants, shrubs, trees and bushes in your plant beds and yard, grow. It will keep the soil moist. When mulching, you only need a few inches. Adding any more can lead to negative effects. Also, when mulching, be sure to leave some space around the trunk of the plant. For more tips to prepare your outdoors for spring, read 10 Tips to Prepare your Home for Spring Landscaping.

Just like getting help spring cleaning for you home, you may need assistance from the landscaping experts at American Arbor Care. As your certified, professional arborists, we can care for any of your landscaping needs from plants to trees. From lawn care and landscaping to tree and shrub care, we handle it all. Look at the latest American Arbor Care special offers to see how we can help you prepare your yard for spring while saving money.

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