Spring Tree Fertilizations and Insect Treatments via Soil Injection for Your Denver Landscaping
americanarbor May 3, 2017

Trees take time to flourish and grow. No matter what age, it is important to ensure they are cared for to make sure they continue to grow. Spring is an ideal time to refresh your memory on how to care for the trees in your Denver landscaping. From the importance of fertilizing trees in the spring and treating trees for insects to general tree care tips, use these tips to help your trees to thrive.

Importance of Fertilizing Trees in the Spring

Winters can be harsh on landscaping, especially on trees. That’s why spring is an important time to give your landscaping some extra work to help them bounce back. If you notice that any of your trees are looking ill, fertilizing can help. For instance, look for discolored or misshaped leaves and dying branches. One of the most efficient ways to fertilize your tree and help give it the nutrients it needs to come back to its full potential is through soil injection. Soil injection takes fertilizer in liquid form and inserted into the ground around the trunk of the tree. The injections are inserted by pressure. You can work with a arborist to help you find the right amount and what pattern is best around your tree.

Treating Trees for Insects

There are a variety of insects that can harm your trees. The best way to prevent this is to be proactive, but if they have begun their damage, you can still catch up. When it comes to the types of insects, there are insects that will burrow within the tree, eat leaves, or use branches and twigs as food sources. One of your top priorities to combat insects is to ensure the tree is healthy by giving it the appropriate amount of water, mulch throughout the year, and prune. It also needs fertilization. Next, look for an insecticide that will protect your trees from insects, kill any on the spot, and not harm the tree at all. It is crucial to care for the trees as soon as you spot damage and eradicate harmful insects to help ensure they will live a long life.

General Tree Care Tips

The spring is a great time to mulch your trees. First, clear out old mulch and rake away any extra debris. Then, fill the space around the tree, leaving some room around the trunk. Next, make sure you are properly watering your tree. The amount of necessary water depends on climate, weather, and tree type. You want to pay attention to the weather and how much your trees get naturally because providing extra water can lead them to wilt. On the flip side, not enough water can also be extremely hazardous. For more tips to care for your trees, read the Arbor Day Foundation’s tree tips.

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