​Spring: The Busy Season for Trees and Shrubs, Utilizing a Denver Tree Service
americanarbor April 12, 2017

One of the best things about spring is to see all the flowers, trees and shrubs blooming. It is an exciting time for homeowners, gardeners and all those who enjoy spending time outside to see the reinvigorated plant life. Learn how to prepare trees and shrubs for blooming, what items are set to bloom and spring care tips from your Denver tree service.

Preparing Trees and Shrubs for Blooming

One of the best things you can do to help your trees and shrubs is to get started early. It is important to take the time to clean up your yard and work on a few things to help promote growth. As warmer weather approaches, take the time to go through your yard and plant beds to remove old twigs, leaves and any other debris. Make sure there is nothing in the way that would hinder water from over or under pooling near your trees and shrubs. Next, take the time to prune your trees and shrubs which will also encourage growth. You can also use a pre-emergent spray to help keep weeds from growing.

Bloom Schedule

Upon handling your spring routine, you will notice your trees and shrubs beginning to bloom in April. While many will begin to bloom in April, do not get discouraged if they do not bloom until May. This is normal. It really depends on when temperatures begin to consistently become warmer. For most, the beginning of May is the most popular time. If your plants, trees and shrubs are not blooming by mid to late May, you can contact your local tree service to make sure there are not any issues.

Spring Tree Care Tips

Overall, caring for your plants each year is the best way to continue annual growth. As you work on the tips above to prepare your trees and shrubs for spring, also don’t forget to fertilize your plant beds. Next, make sure you mulch around your trees. They typically only require a couple inches, no more than four. If you over-much, you run the risk of suffocating your trees. Just add what you need and leave a little room around the trunk of the tree. Combining this with fertilizer will help encourage growth.

To help encourage growth amongst your entire plant beds, be sure to read the reasons to apply spring pre-emergent to shrubs and flower beds for Denver landscaping. As you need help caring for your trees and shrubs this spring, you can count on American Arbor Care. We can help with any of your tree, shrub, lawn or landscaping needs. From deep root fertilizations that will help encourage growth to insect treatments and disease management, we have you covered. We can also help with trunk injections, pneumatic power root excavations and more. If you are unsure if something with your plant is not normal, just let us know and we can assess the situation. To get started, contact American Arbor Care in Denver, CO today.

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