​Reasons to Apply Spring Pre-Emergent to Shrubs and Flower Beds for Denver Landscaping
americanarbor March 29, 2017

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As you are preparing your Denver landscaping for spring, one of the items you should add to your checklist is to apply a pre-emergent to your shrubs, flower beds and lawn. This will help keep the growth of weeds from popping up as we move into warmer months. Learn about what pre-emergent is, why weeds can be detrimental to your landscaping and how you should apply it to your shrubs, flower beds and lawns.

What is Pre-Emergent?

Weeds in a lawn or landscape may seem inevitable. But with some work, you can combat them. One of the ways to accomplish this is with a pre-emergent. A pre-emergent is a type of herbicide that works against the growth of weeds. A pre-emergent works its way into the soil and stops weeds from growing out of the ground in your flower beds and lawns.

How Weeds are Detrimental to Landscaping

For the overall appearance of your lawn, you have dedicated so much time and effort to it. When weeds come into the picture, it can ruin much of the hard work you have done. While some weeds aren’t the best in appearance, others can actually be detrimental to the shrubs and flowers you have planted. There are a variety of reasons weeds can sprout in your landscaping. For many, putting too much fertilizer in a yard can lead to problems, which is why it is important to go by the instructions or use the guidance of an expert. Also, if a lawn does not get enough water it can create an atmosphere that makes it easy for weeds or crabgrass to grow, instead of beautiful, soft grass.

Applying to Shrubs, Flower Beds and Lawns

When preparing your landscaping and lawn for the spring, you will want to look into applying a pre-emergent in this early part of the season. When applying it properly during this time period, you will be able to hit the weeds just in time before they germinate. When working to add pre-emergents for your shrubs and flower beds, you will want to do the process before mulching. It is important to also remove any loose leaves or twigs from the top of the mulch so the solution is the first thing that comes in contact with the soil. This way, when you put the new mulch on, it will help to soak in the solution.  For lawns, using a pre-emergent will help to reduce or eliminate the growth of crabgrass, which is a weed-form of grass that doesn’t have the same shape as normal grass. Not sure what crabgrass looks like? Learn more about what does crabgrass look like. If you have had this in your yard in the past, early spring is a crucial time to add a pre-emergent.

When it comes to combating weeds, American Arbor Care can help. Our tree and shrub health management services will help you keep your landscaping looking wonderful. With spring arriving, be sure to give us a call and we will assist you with all your landscaping needs. Call us at 303-639-8584 to schedule an appointment.

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