Proper Pruning of Spring Blooming Shrubs from Your Tree Service Company
americanarbor August 9, 2017

Do you know the proper way to prune your blooming shrubs? What about the exact time of year? Improper care can lead to the downfall of your shrubs. To protect your investment, it is best to make sure you are caring for your plants properly. With just a little bit of work, you can ensure the care of your plants all season long. Learn more about the best times to prune after flowering, tips for pruning, and overall general care tips from your tree service company.

Tips for Pruning

Pruning is a crucial piece of maintaining the overall health of your plants. Pruning is the method of cutting of dead, dying or damaged branches and twigs. This helps to remove any infected parts of a plant. Pruning also helps to keep the overall health of the plant in good shape. Removing old branches also helps infected areas to stay away from healthy ones that could be further damaged. When pruning, you can cut of the tips off branches. Not much needs to be cut, just the edges. You can also thin out and trim them back to the branches.Pruning also stimulates growth and flowering. For an in depth look at the advantages of pruning, read what CSU has to say about pruning shrubs.

Best Times to Prune After Flowering

The late winter and early spring is the ideal time for you or a local arborist to handle your pruning. However, you should always monitor the health of your plants and shrubs and prune as you find dead or dying areas. When handling pruning in the summer, it is your primary key to monitor plants for damage and trim and remove them as needed. You will need to keep an eye on how much you are trimming as trimming too much can stunt re-growth for the remainder of the year. However, in most cases, it will re-grow the next season.Spring blooming shrubs are best pruned right after flowering has finished.  Summer blooming shrubs are best trimmed in the spring.  Green foliage shrubs are best trimmed in the late summer to early fall.

General Care Tips

Summer is one of the prime seasons to monitor and care for your plants. First, if you have not already mulched, make sure you remove old mulch and add new mulch. You only need one to three inches and refrain from adding mulch all the way up the bark or trunk of the plant. You should also monitor the amount of water that your shrubs are getting. When watering, aim to water before 10 a.m. once or twice a week.  

Are you looking for help with your pruning, tree removal and stump grinding? American Arbor Care can help. Whether you need assistance with your pruning or maintaining your landscaping, utilizing the help of an expert is a great way to maintain your investment. Not sure about pruning? Make sure to check out the Denver tree pros debunk the most common tree pruning and trimming myths. To see how we can help you with your landscaping and pruning needs, call us at 303-639-8584. 

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