Colorful Blooms that Flourish in Your Denver Landscaping
americanarbor July 6, 2017

One of the best things about spring and summer are the beautiful flowers that bloom! It’s an exciting time of year and the perfect time to enhance the curb appeal from the front of your home. Plus, if you do not have a green thumb, that will not stop you from having a gorgeous landscape, either. Learn about the types of colorful flowers that you can incorporate into your Denver landscaping, shrubs and trees to plant and the benefits of hiring an arborist to help you create your beautiful landscape.

Colorful Flowers

There is a plethora of colorful flowers to plant to brighten up your yard that can be planted in the late spring and early summer. Be aware of which flowers will thrive in the sun (sun perennials) and which will thrive in the shade (shade perennials). There are also perennials that fall somewhere in the middle, preffering some shade and some sun. While you can find a full list and pictures in the no-fail perennials of the Mountain West from Better Homes and Gardens, here are a few highlights. First, if you are a fan of purple, there are quite a few options. The Rocky Mountain Columbine has blue and purple outer petals with a small white inner area. These can grow up to two feet. Another great purple/bue flower is the Blue Mist Spirea. These beautiful flowers are very low maintenance while also making for great butterfly attractions. Looking for a classic look? Try the daisy. Its white petals pair well with virtually everything else you have in your garden. You should also consider mixing textures and colors for a more complete look. Talk to your arborist about reccomendations.

Shrubs and Trees

Another great way to liven up your yard is with shrubs and trees. The Japanese Tree Lilac is a small tree that can be placed towards the front or the middle of a yard. It is simple enough to be able to plant other flowers and shrubs around it. It can grow to be up to 20 feet tall and has white flowers that bloom all around it in the late spring. The Japanese Maple is another great option that will add a great pop of color. It only grows to be about eight feet in height and has thin, red leaves. It also grows in unique shapes that will set your house apart from the others on the block. For shrubs, consider an Apache Plume. The can grow out four feet and have a variety of little white flowers. They bloom from the end of spring through the middle of fall allowing you to have a beautiful shrub to highlight your home throughout the warmer months.

Benefits of Hiring an Arborist to handle Landscaping

Hiring an expert to help you create your perfect landscaping outside of your home is an investment worth making. That said, working with a professional ensures your plants are planted with the proper nutrition and watering requirements. They will also work with you on care tips so you know the exact needs of your newly planted flowers, shrubs or trees.

To create the perfect landscape for your yard, American Arbor Care has you covered. Learn more about our Denver landscaping tips for turfgrass usage, benefits and watering. To get started on finding the best options for your home, call us at 303-639-8584.

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