Best Tools to Buy for Your Landscaping in Denver and When to use Professionals
Dev Team August 23, 2017

As you work on your landscaping this summer, do you have all the tools you need? One of the best ways to ensure you are effectively and efficiently maintaining your yard, landscaping and plant beds is to have the right tools. This will make it easier to get the work done and is better for your lawn and plants. In addition, you will also be able to get a great return on your investment as these tools will help you maintain your landscaping in Denver for many years to come. From digging and transport items, to cutting, trimming and pruning, it is best to learn what you can do on your own and when to call the professionals. 

Digging and Transport

When digging into the ground, it is crucial to have the right tool for the job. For digging into untouched ground, make sure you have a shovel that is rounded with a point at the top. This allows for easy digging in the ground and lifting out of any dirt. If you have any trenches, you can invest in a trench shovel that is long and narrow. This unique shape is perfect for the task. There are also many instances where you will need to transport what you dig, such as dirt or mulch, so make sure you have invested in a reliable wheelbarrow.

Cutting, Trimming and Pruning

Trimming and pruning your landscape is important. This is why it is crucial to have a great pair of shears. While small, they can do great work for your plants and flowers. For pruning, you can also invest in pruners. These are more heavy duty than shears and can handle trimming off the larger part of plans. It is also important to have a lopper on-hand. While you may not need it every time you work in your landscape, it is helpful to have when you need something that will help to do major cutting in your landscape. For more tools, review Bob Vila’s 8 top tools for taming your landscape.

When to Call Professionals

When you work through your landscaping this summer and fall, it is important to know when to call in the professionals. When it comes to lawn care and fertilization services, if your lawn in struggling, July is too hot of a month to fertilize your grass. This is when a REVIVE application can help. Your local arborist and landscaping company can handle this to help with the breakdown of heavy clay soils and water penetration to the root system of grass plants. Next, if you have dying trees, it is important to call in experts. They can do trunk injections or provide disease management services to save your trees and extend their life. However, if you do need a tree or shrub removed, an arborist is the best option to use to safely remote it.

No matter what your landscaping needs are, American Arbor Care can help. As a team you can trust, we can help you with all of your questions and provide services to keep your landscaping in premier shape. Call us today at 303-639-8584 to see how we can help you.

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