Benefits of Choosing Native Trees and Shrubs for Your Landscaping in Denver
americanarbor February 22, 2017

As you consider creating or adding to your landscaping in Denver, native plants are one of the best options to choose. Not only are they sustainable with minimal effort, but they will work well with the overall environment. All of these factors will save you time and money. Learn what native plants are, what benefits they have and what trees and shrubs in the area are native.

What are Native Plants?

Are you interested in adding landscaping to your yard? Whether it be flowers, trees, plants or shrubs, you will want to factor in aesthetics, time and maintenance the plant will need. Before you go out and purchase many different types of plants, considered the plant life that is native to the area. Native plants, also known as indigenous plants, are ones that originally grew in your area’s soil and climate. They can thrive with the area’s insects, birds, and animals as well. Native plants are the best option for an area, as opposed to introducing foreign plants into your soil.

Benefits of Native Trees and Shrubs

Native trees and shrubs will greatly benefit your landscaping. Being they grew in the area; they are the most compatible plants to purchase. This will provide valuable savings to your pocket. First, they have adjusted to the climate and amount of rainfall in the area. This means you can let nature takes its course without having to spend as much money on a watering system. Tying into that, this type of plant also has adjusted to the various birds and insects in the area. You will be able to spend less money on pesticides as they have adjusted. You will also be supporting your local ecosystem by incorporating native plants into the area. Learn more about why native plants matter.

Area Native Plants

There are many gorgeous trees and shrubs that are native to Colorado. When it comes to trees, evergreen and pine trees are commonly seen and indigenous in the area. There are so many others if you are looking to change up the overall appearance of your landscaping. One of the best things you can do is read Colorado State University’s Native Shrubs for Colorado Landscapes, to compare which trees and shrubs are best for the altitude you live in. Some highlights include gorgeous golden currants that provide a pop of bright yellow to lighten things up or wild roses with a bright pink color. Looking for something different? Try the silvery lead plant, which has a western desert feel with pops of color.

To find native trees and shrubs to add to your landscaping, American Arbor Care will help. It is also important to consider early Spring maintenance for your Denver landscape. From all of your plant, tree and shrub needs, to advice for the best trees and shrubs for your yard, American Arbor Care has certified arborists that will help. Be sure to check out our latest American Arbor Care special offers and call us at 303-639-8584 to get started.

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