americanarbor March 10, 2021


I just wanted to write and thank you for all of the work we have completed in past couple of months. It was as much landscaping as I have ever been part of, and honestly, one of the largest purchases we have made since owning this home. That being said, I feel as though the it was a fair price for the amount of work that was completed, and I also feel strongly that the work completed was professional and efficient. Throughout the process, I was thankful to be able to speak with you regarding different matters of the project, and feel overall very good about working with you and American Arbor Care. There are still a couple items we might think about doing next spring (such as trimming the dead out of the front trees) and know who we will call when the time comes. 

It was great getting to know you, and I appreciate the time you spent both at my kitchen table and walking the back yard with me in preparation of the immense amount of work that was to take place. I enjoyed your company, admire your expertise in the field, and am fully pleased with the results of our interaction. I am glad I made the right call with you, and will certainly recommend your business if the situation should arise. 

Finally, there was only one concern that had come up during the process, and that was with the cherry tree. I had called, left a message, and spoken with someone else in the office about our change of plans, but when I finally got hold of you a week or two later, you informed me that the tree had already been purchased.  I have no idea how long before that point the order had been placed, and therefor do not know with whom the responsibility for the tree would lay, but it seems as though you handled that without any issue or further burden on me. I still do not know the end result of that tree, but did want to make clear that your efforts in dealing with that issue did not go unnoticed. Again, I feel as though my experience in working with you and your team has been entirely satisfying, and I appreciate your effort, efficiency, the quality of your work, and also the integrity with which you conduct your business.  

Thank you for everything.  It has been an absolute pleasure working with you. I wish you and your family the very best in the future. 

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