americanarbor March 10, 2021

As I walked around our property this morning and mourned the leaves and flowers shredded all over the lawn, I was also exceedingly grateful that the two trees that hovered over our roof that your team removed 10 days ago were no longer there.  Last night’s storm could have easily sent either or both of them toppling into the house which would have created an infinitely more serious issue for us than the much more limited leaf damage we suffered.  So, I just want to thank you for persisting and taking care of those dead and dying trees before they became even more of a problem.  I know it’s been a tough spring to keep up with all your customer’s needs, and I am sure that the storm last night will have caused another round of emergency assistance, but I want you to know that we appreciate the fact that you didn’t forget about us and made sure that our situation was handled as quickly as possible. 

Please extend our thanks to Paul and the rest of the team,

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