3 Tips for Planting Trees in Denver this Spring
americanarbor March 17, 2021

While it may seem like a simple, straightforward task to plant a tree, there are actually a few things to remember that can help promote better tree health and vitality. Here are the three most important things to remember when planting trees in Denver:

  1. Mind the depth you plant: Some types of soil will alter the depth in which you need to plant the tree’s root ball. If the soil is dense, thick, and clay-like, the root should be planted higher to the surface and even slightly above the ground level. Dryer sand-like soil can allow for a little deeper plant, about to the ground level. 
  2. Remove all extra materials: If the root ball has been wrapped, that material needs to be removed before planting. The tree roots will largely spread to the sides, so keep that in mind when choosing a planter or pot if you are planning on planting in an above-ground container. 
  3. Don’t overwater at the start: If can be easy to try to take extra care and make sure the tree has plenty of water, but overwatering will suffocate the air in the soil that the tree needs. Instead, check the perimeter of the soil of the plant hole and dig down a few inches. If the soil near the bottom has plenty of moisture, the tree does not require any more water. 

Check with your Denver tree care experts if you have questions about planting trees this spring.

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