Holiday Lighting

Light the Lights!

The Holidays are always a special time for family and friends to gather together to celebrate the Holiday Season. Our lighting service is all-inclusive. From the initial consultation for the creative design concept to completion. Every design is customized to the details our clients provide us with. We purchase the lights on your behalf, which you then own. We complete the installation and take-down, land offer storage as an option for you. Just like our plant health care and lawn care annual service proposals, you will also receive a renewal letter for you holiday lighting install towards the end of the summer.

We purchase high quality, commercial grade LED lightings, with a wide range of choices and colors. We offer LED pre-lit greenery and many other accoutrements to compliment your display.Our holiday lighting is the perfect way to celebrate the season as well make your home sparkle during the holiday season.

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Commercial Services

Always with a personal touch!

Whether it is a Home Owner’s Association, a condo or townhome complex, or an apartment complex…The landscape still requires maintenance. For a vast majority of these properties they may not have a fenced yard, so the open space these areas offers its resident’s needs to be maintained most of all for safety, but also for the aesthetic value it offers.

Our arborists will visit the site create an inventory of the trees on the site and develop an overall pruning, plant health care, and lawn care package to keep the property safe and beautiful. We can also offer a succession pruning or planting plan to keep the urban canopy in good condition, while working in the budget constraints that are part of maintaining such large properties.

We offer the same services to our commercial clients that we offer to our residential clients. All packages are customized for each individual property’s needs along with client requests.

Testimonial Module

Chambers Ridge has used American Arbor Care for about seven years. Our trees have never looked better. People buying in Chambers Ridge often offer their first reason for buying here, our trees and landscaping. We have depended on American Arbor for everything tree-related: shaping, pruning, removal, treating for insects and various tree ailments. It isn't just the owners who are arborists, the people actually doing the work appear to be knowledgeable about trees, as well. We have found American Arbor to be reliable and effective in caring for our mainly mature trees. They do really good work.

Mary Smith Office Manager, Chambers Ridge THA

Dear Paul, Our landscaping project was completed last week and we are thrilled with the results.  We can’t say enough about the workmanship and professionalism of Heather, Gustavo, and Juan.  Heather assumed leadership for the plan and design.  It was a joy working with her and we learned a great deal in the process.  She […]

Sarah and Randy Levine

“I would use American Arbor Tree Care Services anytime I have tree care service needs.  They are always on-time and very professional.”

Krista M. – Denver, CO – Google Review – May 10, 2010

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How To Manage Dry Spells With Your Denver Landscape

Have you been enjoying the unseasonably warm weather this year so far? While it feels great to wear a t-shirt in February, it is not optimal for those things which grow in the dirt. Sunny weather definitely takes a toll on…

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Pinnacle Assurance Circle of Safety Award

American Arbor Care named a Circle of Safety Winner for 2019!!!

American Arbor Care is honored and proud to be one of just 50 of Pinnacol’s customers to…

Specialized Programs

Our arborists walk your property and put together a specialized plan for the care of your trees and shrubs, based upon the plant material at your property. We are always available to visit the site should you ever have any concerns with your trees and shrubs. We provide a full range of services to assist in keeping your trees and shrubs healthy. Preventive care and regular maintenance oftentimes can mean the difference between a plant thriving or just surviving. We have specialized programs to treat for Scale and, boring insects, as well as leaf feeding insects.Our programs are custom designed to fit the needs of the specific plant material on your property.

Custom designed programs to fit the needs of the specific plant material on your property.

Plant Health Care

Plant Health Care

Many of our spray services are now available in a trunk spray, a soil injection, or a trunk injection, which in turn makes, it much safer for the applicator to apply as well as for the environment.

Disease Managmenet

Disease Managmenet

When it comes to disease management, it is extremely challenging. We are dealing with plant material living in an outdoor environment, in an uncontrolled setting. And it varies year to year. Our team of Arborists, have a vast array of knowledge and years of experience to assist our clients with their disease and cultural issues in their landscapes.

Deep Root Fertilization

Deep Root Fertilization

Our deep root fertilization service has the perfect blend of ingredients to feed the soil resulting in beautiful and healthy trees and shrubs. It releases slowly over a 6 to 8 month period, rather than a faster release product, that may result in excessive growth. Along with major nutrients of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium; this application also includes mycorrhizae (beneficial soil fungus) and micronutrients, along with humic acid.

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7 Steps to Prepare Your Trees for Winter

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Landscaping Services

Landscaping for a 4 Season Oasis

Whether your needs are to only add/replace some trees and shrubs, or you are looking to renovate a specific area of your yard, or you would like a full landscape renovation we have talented staff.

One of our Arborists will schedule a consultation with you at the site. During the consultation the arborist will take photos and measurements, and consult with you regarding your ideas for your new landscape. An itemized proposal will be put together for your review. The process is very fluid, an oftentimes revisions are made, until the perfect plan comes together.

We will recommend the right plant material for the right place for long-term sustainability. We also design with all four seasons in mind. We provide you with an itemized a-la carte menu from start to finish. From colorful perennials and ornamental grasses, to shrubs and trees, accented with boulders or small cobbles and dressed up with brand new mulch-Your house will be the envy of the block. And we always make sure to modify the irrigation system to ensure your new landscape is watered!

All the woody plants (trees and shrubs) are provided with a one-year, one-time warranty replacement.

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Caring for Your Evergreen Trees and Landscaping in Denver this Winter

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Full Service Pruning Services

One of our arborists walks your property and creates an itemized recommendation list for pruning and removal options for your review. Once you have approved your work, it is scheduled with a crew that arrives at the site to perform the work with state of the art equipment and professionalism. Our pruning work follows all regulatory safety standards set by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and the Z133 (American National Standards for Arboriculture) standards, while following the pruning and removal standards put in place by ANSI 300 and International Society of Arboriculture. While some trees are accessible with an Aerial lift, many trees that not accessible for this piece of equipment, and crews use a saddle and a rope/saddle system to climb the trees to complete the pruning or removals.

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7 Steps to Prepare Your Trees for Winter

The end of the growing season for trees in our climate typically comes at the end of June; however, it is somewhat dependent upon a variety of factors such as bud dormancy break, soil temperatures, day and night length, an…

American Arbor Care Will Participate in 2nd Annual Saluting Branches

Volunteering Tree Care for Veterans Cemeteries

Saluting Branches is a group of arborists and landsca…

American Arbor Care Gives Back with Gold Crown’s Clubhouse

Gold Crown’s Clubhouse is a free-of-charge, award-winning program model developed by the Boston Museum of Science and MIT Media Laboratory. We are part of the Clubhouse Network which has expanded to 100 Clubhouses in 19 co…

Fertilization Programs

We offer three different fertilization programs, to provide your soil, soil microbes, and turf grass with beneficial nutrients and organic matter. These three programs include: Synthetic, Organic, and Season-long. With each application, we provide spot treatments for annual and perennial broadleaf weeds.

Our Fertilization Programs

Synthetic Fertilization

Synthetic Fertilization

The synthetic fertilization includes a spring pre-emergent to aid in prevention of annual weeds, with the follow-up treatments being applied roughly every 4-6 weeks, with a balanced fertilizer that includes organic matter.

Organic Fertilization

Organic Fertilization

The organic program uses Alpha One II fertilizer, manufactured in Loveland, Colorado. Alpha One Lawn II provides the plant ready nutrients in a natural time release for an extended availability for the turf. The Alpha One Lawn II formulation enables uniform leaf growth without the typical lush growth. Alpha One Lawn II will condition the soil, loosen compacted soils, and deepen and strengthen the root system.

Season-Long Fertilization

Season-Long Fertilization

The Season-Long fertilization is a 6-8 month, one-time slow release fertilization. It slowly releases based upon time, soil temperatures, and moisture.

Black Gypsum Application

Black Gypsum Application

Black Gypsum is applied in July. The best component of this product is the Humic Acid. Humic acid is an important part of a healthy and fertile soil. It feeds beneficial soil microorganisms allowing, more nutrients to become available for plant use.
Humic acid is a critical component of a healthy and fertile soil. It provides nutrition to feed microorganisms. This process frees up naturally occurring minerals and nutrients for plant use, that can often become bound up in our alkaline clay soils.
We also provide diagnosis of insect and disease issues within your lawn, then provide the following recommendations and treatments to assist in remedying the situation.

If you sign up for a full-time program, we will provide free re-sprays.

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Seasonal Shrub Pruning

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