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Do you have trees or shrubs that are overgrown, have dieback due to insect activity, or freeze damage? One of our arborists will visit your property and provide you with an itemized pruning or removal plan. Once you have approved your work, one of our experienced crews will complete the work. The pruning of urban trees provides a safe and beautiful view!

Terms and Conditions

We are fully licensed and insured. We comply and follow all ANSI and Z133 standards for our industry.  All work performed conforms to these standards. The arborist will visit the site to determine the plant health care, lawn care, and pruning/removal operations that need to be completed at the site. Structure Prune and Shape- Pruning […]

Best Tools to Buy for Your Landscaping in Denver and When to use Professionals

As you work on your landscaping this summer, do you have all the tools you need? One of the best ways to ensure you are effectively and efficiently maintaining your yard, landscaping and plant beds is to have the right tools. This will make it easier to get the work done and is better for […]

The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Snowstorms and How They Impact Your Denver Landscape

There are obvious benefits to snowstorms in Denver – including the most apparent, snow days! But often the snow is not heavy enough to warrant a snow day, but not light enough to not have to deal with it properly. This is the case with our most recent snow that is currently resting on our […]

Understanding Tree Health: When is the Right Time for Leaves to Drop?

We all understand the seasonal changes that happen with foliage, and living in a region with particularly beautiful seasonal shifts, we get used to the timing if it as well. This fall and early winter, Colorado experienced unseasonably warm weather – and some of the effects may not be apparent to you at first. This year, […]

The Right Way to Treat Iron Chlorosis with Professional Denver Tree Care

Iron Chlorosis – it sounds like a serious problem for your trees, but it is actually a fairly common problem in Colorado. It just means that your trees have an iron deficiency, and how that relates to their health is their ability to make chlorophyll.Let’s review a quick science lesson to run through how plants gain […]

Toxic to Animals: Safe Planting Tips for Your Denver Landscape

Many plants that are entirely harmless to humans can be lethal to your animals. Every year hundreds of pets ingest toxic plants and suffer serious illnesses – or worse. When pet owners plan their landscaping, they often have no idea that they may be putting their pet in harm’s way. There are a few specific […]

Your Tree’s Defense – Recommended Care from Denver Tree Care Specialists

As a part of your regular maintenance routine, deep root fertilization this fall should be reaching the top of your list. Now is the time to begin these fertilizations – always performed by your local Denver tree service. We wrote previously about early fall deep root fertilization in Denver and described what it is, when it should […]

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