Cia Wenzel – July 26, 2011

American Arbor Care has taken care of my trees, winter watering, lawn services, and landscaping needs for many years. When I had a huge old elm that needed to be removed from my parking strip, Paul took care of the removal and he and Toni helped choose and plant the replacement red leaf maple. The […]

Plant Health Care

There is no such thing as one size fits all, when it comes to the maintenance of you tree and shrub health. Everyone’s yard is unique, so our care plans are custom-built to fit your unique plant material. From winter watering, all the way to tackling the peskiest of bugs…Japanese beetles, our arborists will create a custom care package to keep you yard the prettiest and healthiest on the block!

Top Ways to Prepare your Trees, Shrubs, and Denver Landscaping for Winter

Plants, trees, gardens, and shrubs prepare for the winter just like people do. Homeowners need to take actions and precautions now, in the fall, that will help their Denver landscaping investment last throughout the winter. With a little extra time and effort, both on your own and in conjunction with your local arborist, you will […]

Winter Care Tips for Young Trees from an Experienced Tree Service in Denver

Do you have young trees that you planted this year, and are looking to ensure their survival this winter? By taking a few precautionary measures, your young trees will continue to grow and make it through the cold months. However, it is imperative you take on these measures in this first year they have been […]

Should You Plant in the Fall? Dos and Don’ts from Your Tree Service Company

Winter is coming, but you might have some final landscaping tasks that you should get done as we enter the colder months.Common questions often arise, like – is it okay to plant in the fall? Is it better to wait? Many homeowners ask themselves these questions, and we can help answer them for you. You are […]

Fall and Winter Pruning and Tree Trimming in Denver Preparation

While pruning is important and beneficial, it is important to know when and how much to prune throughout the year. As you mulch and make your final landscaping arrangements for the year, this information can make or break your landscaping for the next season. Learn the benefits of pruning, tips and tricks for tree trimming […]

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